Monday, April 5, 2021

Gnome Garden Party Picks & Wands - Jenn White

HI EVERYONE! I am back with more fun for you! YAY! I LOVE Garden Parties! How about you? I invite you all to join me in creating party favors & decorations for a fun Gnome Garden Party. Let's get busy inking, stamping, working our scissors & hot glue guns again! Shall we?

Designing & creating party decorations & crafting kits is one of my favorite things to do! Such a happy activity! I am a PARTY MOM for all of my daughters & I am a PARTY MIMI for all of my grandchildren now too! So many fun memories are made creating & crafting together with all of the pieces & bits of business I make with ArtFoamies products.

I love watching everyone's results when they put my created pieces together with their own imaginations. Two of the results recently born from my own imagination are custom decorative cupcake picks & magic wands.  Such fun party favors that spark feel good memories & bring smiles for years to come.

Feel free to be inspired to re-create these with your beautiful imagination & your own ArtFoamies products too.

They are so fun & easy to make by yourself & with your loved ones.

The supplies you will need to get together to recreate these are:
  • Tooth picks or food picks
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy White smooth stampable paper that can be easily cut with scissors. I used the smooth side of 140lb hot press watercolor paper, heavy weight cardstock & specialty stamping paper.
  • Embellishments such as glitter glues, gems, ribbons & trims are optional.
Here are the ArtFoamies products I used & your shopping list for :
I began this project by creating custom inked StampBuddy pads to stamp the ArtFoamies into. These are how I create the colorful ombre & rainbow stamping effects. Choose your favorite colors from The Moonlight Duo re-inkers & MoonGlo re-inkers to do this. The ones I chose are listed in the ArtFoamies product shopping list above. 


I wanted the Gnomes to have fairy wings so they could fly & a variety of mushrooms to play on.
  • I inked & stamped a sheet of Kae Pea's smaller GNOMELY gnomes. 
  • I inked & stamped a sheet of Kae Pea's WHIMSY WINGS on the "B" side. YES! YOU CAN USE BOTH SIDES OF YOUR ARTFOAMIES! BONUS!
  • I inked & stamped a few sheets of Kae Peas SHROOMS TO GROW on the "B" side onto some 12" x 12" sheets of specialty stamping cardstock paper.
I love the variety of colors I can get with my custom inked StampBuddy pads don't you? So pretty!

I cut all of the stamped images out by hand which only took about an hour or so.

Next I used my hot glue gun & glue sticks to attach the wings to the Gnome's bodies. I then hot glued a wooden tooth pick to the back of the flying Gnome.

  • Be sure to hot glue another flying Gnome on the back to so both sides are pretty. I did this with the mushrooms too!
  • Make sure to glue the toothpick low enough on the bottom backs of the Gnomes & mushrooms so your toothpick stem will be extending out enough to insert into the cupcakes.
You could also add these to your INDOOR plants & INDOOR fairy gardens too! They definitely can be used for more things than just cupcakes & garden party foods!


I also used some of the small winged gnomes I created on the wands! THESE ARE SO FUN FOR IMAGINARY PLAY! YAY! I love layering, dimension & embellishment. How about you?

These wands were made by layering fussy cut pieces of stamped ArtFoamies! ARE YOU READY? LET'S MAKE ONE TOGETHER!

First I inked up a bamboo kabob skewer by rolling it over one of my custom rainbow inked StampBuddy pads & set it aside to dry. I then inked up Cat Kerr's STAR Artfoamie & Sandra Evertson's SOLAR FLARE Artfoamie with the Galactic Green Moon & The Maker Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue ink pad.

To make both of the layered sides of one wand you will need to ink & stamp two of each the "A" side & the "B" side of Cat Kerr's STAR for a total of 4 pieces. You will need one of each of the "A" side & the "B" side of Sandra Evertson's SOLAR FLARE ArtFoamie. For a total of 2 pieces. I stamped them on the smooth side of 140lb watercolor paper.

I then used my scissors to cut them out.

I stacked the cut out, stamped images & looked at how I wanted to layer them before I hot glued the layers together. I wanted them to look like a layered glowing, sparkling star & forest greenery all at the same time.

I hot glued all of the layers together & one by one.I then hot glued the bamboo kabob skewer, SHARP POINTED SIDE UP in between the 2 layered stacks. One on each side makes the wand pretty on both sides!

I hot glued two of the winged Gnomes I created earlier in the center of each side of the wand.

I finished it off by adding some sparkling iridescent glitter glue to all of the points for a magical effect!

Here's a finished wand awaiting some shimmer and shine!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorials & have lots of fun with them! Please feel free to put your own spin on these ideas. I would love to see the creations I inspired! Be sure to share photos of them with me.
It makes me so happy when you play & create along with me. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment in the comments section below so I know you stopped by.
Thank you for your time, your kindness & your love.

Jenn White


  1. These are so darling Jenn! Hugs 💜

  2. These are so darling Jenn! Hugs 💜

  3. Thank you so much Patti! HUGS! YOU ARE LOVED! 💜🍄🧚‍♂️🍄🧚‍♀️🍄💜

  4. This is a darling project. Makes me almost wish the boys were small again so we too could have garden party with bright fairy gnomes. Hugs Wendy

  5. This is a darling project. Makes me almost wish the boys were small again so we too could have garden party with bright fairy gnomes. Hugs Wendy

    1. Thank you so much Wendy!That would be so fun! HUGS!YOU ARE LOVED!🍄🧚‍♂️🍄🧚‍♀️🍄💐🌈💗

  6. Thank you! HUGS! YOU ARE LOVED!

  7. Thank you so much Anita! HUGS! YOU ARE LOVED!