Friday, March 16, 2018

Stamped and Stitched Pencil Pouch by Belen Sotelo

Hi friends! Belen of Art & Whimsy, here, with an easy stitched & stamped pen pouch project for you. Not the greatest at sewing? No problem, I'm not either. Today not only is wonky stitching ok, it's encouraged, so let's get started!

I started by giving a zippered canvas pouch a generous coat of gesso on both sides. You can find these pouches here on RubberMoon's site!

After giving the gesso time to dry, I brushed on acrylic paint that I made suitable for fabric with a bit of fabric medium. You can can find many different brands. I used Liquitex. I set that aside to dry.

Next I used a Sandra Evertson's Otomi stamp to add an image to a piece of thin muslin.

I used a small round piece of cardboard as a mask, along the top of the head, to leave that part of the image unstamped.

To create a Frida from the stamped image, I added a flower crown using the Flores stamp.

To give my Frida life, I added some color to her face.

I added some more color around her, to make her really pop and then gave her a face using the Introspective stamp. Again, I used a scrap piece of card stock as a mask.

Using an assortment of pens, I added more color. I also stamped “Life Is Art”, using a stamp by the same name.

Next, I added a bit of stamping to my pouch using the Scribble stamp & the XOs stamp, both from the Mixed Media Stamp Set.

To finish off my pen pouch, I trimmed out the Frida image, fully embraced my wonky stitching abilities and stitched her right onto my pouch.
Thank you for following along.

I wish you a week full of art and full of whimsy!
xo, Belen


  1. Awesome! I like the bright colors and wonky stitching is my way too.

  2. It is really beautiful! Thank you so much!

  3. So beautiful, love the images and the colors that you choose! Thanks for sharing this great project.