Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tri-Fold Desktop Calendar with Belen Sotelo

Hi friends! Belen Sotelo here with my very first blog post for RubberMoon. I’m excited to be here and share my creative process with you.

One of the things I really enjoy is sending out happy mail. It makes me feel good to think that it might bring a spot of sunshine to someone’s day, so I’m always on the lookout for projects that can fit into an envelope.

Today I’m going to share with you a fun and easy way to make a desktop calendar using shipping tags and a few other supplies.

Supplies I Used:
Shipping Tags
Acrylic Paint
Double Sided Tape
Fabric Scraps for Ribbon
Masking  or Media Tape

I started by taping three shipping tags together. It doesn’t matter which side you tape, we’re going to get painty on both sides so repeat the steps front and back.

I made sure to leave a sliver of space between each tag because I wanted them to fold easily.

Next, I gave my tag panel a coat of gesso.

I brushed on acrylic paint, but you should feel free to use other mediums if you’d like. 

At this point, I added a bit of gesso, randomly over my tags, to unify everything a bit. I also like the variation of having some areas brighter and others a bit more muted from the gesso.

Using a makeup sponge, I pushed some black acrylic paint through the Catch a Dream Stencil.

Using the Mini Moon Stencil, I added more black acrylic through the dots. Then, to give my tags even more texture, I used the Delicate Lace Stencil.

I added some dots using a portion of the Big Hearted Stencil.

Once that was all dry, I used double sided tape to adhere my mini calendar to one of the tags.

I used my white Sharpie Paint Pen to add some marks.

Next, I stamped out a sentiment and adhered that to one of the tag panels.

Just a few more marks!

I finished off my tri-fold tag calendar by added some fabric scraps for use as ribbon.

All that’s left to do now is to tuck it into an envelope and send it on its way to brighten someone’s mailbox!

Thank you for following along. I hope I’ve inspired you to get out your RubberMoon stencils and send someone an extra reason to smile!


  1. This is great. Loving all the beautiful colors

  2. Love snail mail, especially when it's moon mail! Great project!

  3. This is gorgeous Belen!! There are so many things to love a out your post here (congratulations on your first blog post for this great company)! I love that you did a step by step photo tutorial that details your process as I love your style and look forward to trying it. This is a darling gift for a beloved friend and I’m looking forward to making it!! Tgank you so much Belen! - Barbee (Barbara Hauenstein)

    1. Barbara, thank you so much. You are always so sweet with your comments. Thank you for following along.

  4. love it . . . where did you find the sentiment stamp(s)?

    1. Thank you Debbie. I stamped it out, letter by letter, then just cut it out.