Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween Polymer Clay Leggy Cube

Hello almost Halloween everyone! 

I am Elitia Hart, metal art and mixed media explorer, and for this 100 Moons Creative Collaboration blogpost 
I had lots of fun combining stamps 
polymer clay "tiles" for this leggy cube. 
Growing up in South Africa, Halloween was not a familiar concept
but since moving to Canada almost 20 years ago, I came to enjoy 
the weird and wonderful creative opportunities presented by this holiday. 

I have created a Youtube Video Slideshow with the techniques used to create this 
Halloween Themed Leggy Cube and here is the link. 

I am a big fan of Lisa Renner who creates "Bird Peeps" out of polymer clay - little bird bodies with humanlike faces. Inspired by her work, I combined the 100 Proof Press Bird Body from the SWplate55 Three Birds Plate with the sweet little face from Rubbermoon - Kae Pea | KP5072F - Sun Sweet - Rubber Art Stamp and for the backdrop, Artfoamie Kae Pea | Creative Concentrics - Celestial Rings| Foam Stamps. 
The silver broom is a mixed media chip covered with aluminum foil tape and distressed with a scratchings and a Permapaque black ink marker. 

I also used a combination of a Rubbermoon and 100 Proof Press rubberstamps to create this ''Wednesday Addams'' polymer clay tile and an Artfoamie for the backdrop tile. 
and the girl's head from the 100 Proof Press SWplate55 Three Birds Plate
The hat is a mixed media chip covered with aluminum foil tape distressed with scratchings and a Permapaque black ink marker. 


For the tile below I used the cute Rubbermoon Punkin rubber stamp with part of 
The "Boo!"  is a mixed media chip covered with aluminum foil tape and distressed with a scratchings and a Permapaque black ink marker. 

I also used the 
Rubbermoon Punkin rubber stamp in combination with the 
Artfoamie House Stamp and with part of 

For the tile below I used the 100 Proof Press Flying Bat Stamp and Skull and Crossbones
as well as the

For the substrate I painted a wooden cube black 
as well as four wooden doll people to serve as the feet of the cube. 
I used Cheep! silver paint and stamped the top of the cube with 

and the cube corners with part of the spiderweb stamp from the

For the feet of the cube I painted the top part black, the bottom ball part with white gesso and when dry with Pebeo Vitrail Colour for glass Orange Gloss.
I attached strips of Aluminum foil tape

For the tea candle I stamped a strip of Aluminum Foil tape 
with Black Stazon ink and the Rubbermoon mk781g Fall Border

I colored the design with Pebeo Vitrail Color for Glass :
 Greengold, Orange, Yellow and Lemon

For the Rubbermoon Halloween Mixed Media Chips I used 
Aluminum Foil tape and sandwiched the chips between two layers. 
I cut the shapes out and scratched details with a pencil.
I added Permapaque black marker ink and wiped away the excess 
to leave black in the engravings. 

 Stamps Used

100 Proof Press

Mixed Media Halloween Chips


Supplies :
Wooden Cube
4 Wooden knobs for Cube Feet 
Aluminum Foil Tape
Liquitex  Black Gesso or Black Acrylic Pain
Stazon Jet Black Ink Pad
Permapaque Black Marker
Liquitex White Gesso
Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish
Liquitex Satin Varnish
Rubbing Alcohol
Original Sculpey oven-bake clay
Clay Oven
Clay Roller and Mdf Spacer Sticks
Clay cutting straight Blades
Clay scalpel or exacto knife
Ball Chain and Pliers
Wax Paper
Weldbond Glue
Pebeo VitrailGloss Colour for Glass 
- Colours Orange, Lemon, Yellow and Greengold

I have created a Youtube Video Slideshow with the techniques used to create this 
Halloween Themed Leggy Cube and here is the link. 

Happy Halloween ! 

#Artfoamies #100ProofPress #Rubbermoon

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Delightful Not Frightful Night Light Silhouettes - By Jenn White

HI EVERYONE! I am Jenn White. It is a joy to be here on the 100 Moons Creative Collaboration BLOG again sharing an art project tutorial with all of you. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time here with me today.

I love all of the cool, rainy, cloudy, foggy weather I have been enjoying here where I live in Missouri lately. It has successfully put me in a gothic Autumn mood.

We have so many family Birthdays in October. My Brother's Birthday is on October 31st so my family has always gone all out & over the top decorating & celebrating Halloween. 

I prefer creating my own custom Halloween decor & collectables using all the things I have saved to upcycle & reuse. I believe that never throwing anything away that can be reused is in my genetic code & DNA strands. 

Whenever I shop & buy groceries, I am also considering the packaging things are in & how I can reuse it. I am slightly obsessive about certain bottles, jars, cans, lids, containers, boxes, wrappings, papers & chipboard. I save & collect things most people would consider trash & not give another thought to as they toss these things into their recycle bins or garbage cans 

For instance, the frosted translucent glassine bakery bags the ArtFoamies arrive in in my order shipments. I cannot seem to part with them. The paper is so wonderful to cut apart & stamp on & wrap around a clear glass jar or bottle & add a battery operated tea light. Instant night light. Instant mood & atmosphere changer. Instant inexpensive gift for a loved one. My grandkids adore them & so do I. Speaking of grandkids I made these with my grandson's empty baby food jars I saved from when he was a baby. I had him here with me for his first four years. He is 7 now.  

I have made these in the past & I was inspired to make them again by a video I watched on Kristin Powers' Patreon channel awhile back when Sandra Evertson released her first set of Art Foamies designs. I watched Kae Pea do this by stamping Sandra's Tenango Obscura  ArtFoamie onto one of the glassine ArtFoamie bags, then she wrapped it around a dollar store prayer candle & my jaw dropped! Kae Pea created it SO fast, SO easily & inexpensively too! 

Let's get makey! Shall we? 

Let's gather our supplies.

☆Smooth, clear glass jars. I used the smaller first foods glass baby food jars. The battery operated tea lights fit perfectly inside them.You can use any smooth clear glass jar that has all of it's labels completely removed & a wide enough opening for your battery operated tea light.

☆Battery operated tea lights. I found packs of 2 color changing ones at the local dollar store.

☆Ruler to measure your jar, trims & the length & width of glassine paper you will need to wrap around your jar.

☆Scissors to cut the glassine bag into jar surface length & width strips & cut trims.

☆Liquid glue, gel medium, mod podge that dries clear. You decide if you want it matte or glossy or glittery.

☆A paint brush you do not care about getting wet adhesive on to paint the wet adhesive smoothly onto the jar and paint wet adhesive smoothly over the stamped & embossed image & seal it smoothly onto the jar. Or you can just use your finger like I did. 

☆A larger ArtFoamies translucent glassine bakery bag. ☆If you do not have one you can use translucent vellum, waxed paper or translucent bakery papers.  

☆An acrylic cling stamp block large enough for the stamp.

☆Silhouette Rubber Stamps by 100 Proof Press 6289 - Pumpkin Parade & 6454 - M - Trick Or Treat Silhouette Mounted. (You can also use the smaller halloween themed ArtFoamies silhouette stamps.)


☆Embellishment trims of your choice to decorate the jar neck & lip. I used black lace trims that I found in my stash.

☆Black ink that will hold embossing powder.

☆ Black fine or ultra fine embossing powder.

☆Heat tool for melting & setting the embossing powder.

☆A piece of copy paper or a coffee filter to catch the embossing powder overage.

Are you ready?

After you measure the smooth even flat area of the jar or clear container you want to use, you must determine if the stamps you want to use will fit on that surface area. Measure & cut your translucent glassine paper into strips as per your jar circumference measurements. I wrapped the glassine around my jar & marked where I needed to cut it with my fingernail. After you cut the translucent glassine to fit the flat even surface of the jar it is time to stamp & heat emboss the translucent glassine paper. Ink your stamp with embossable black ink & line it up in the lower right hand corner of the pre cut tranlucent glassine paper strip. Repeat this process until the translucent glassine paper strip is covered with your chosen silhouette stamp images. Next, hold your stamped strip of translucent glassine over a coffee filter or a piece of copy paper & sprinkle your jar of black fine detail embossing powder heavily over the stamped images. Let the excess powder fall onto the coffee filter or copy paper then curve fold it to pour the excess back into the embossing powder jar. Next, heat emboss the translucent glassine strip with your heat tool until the embossing powder melts & sets the stamped silhouette images opaque. Use the tip of your scissors to hold down the translucent glassine strip so it doesn't blow around & also so you do not get your fingers burned by the heat tool.
Now it is time to adhere the stamped & embossed translucent glassine strip to the jar. Before you wrap the stamped strip around the jar, apply a thin coat of your clear drying wet adhesive to it to seal the images & melted embossing powder.

Paint your jar with the wet liquid adhesive of your choice. I used Ultra Thick Gel medium on the end of my index finger. As long as it is a glue that dries clear you should be good. Apply your stamped & heat embossed glassine strip evenly onto the jar. I do not recommend overlapping the glassine strip ends because it does not look as pretty once the jar is illuminated by the tealight.

Be sure to seal the outside of the image by painting your clear drying wet adhesive over the entre outside of the jar. If you do not do this sealing your image will probably crack & flake & fall off the jar. Ask me how I know this. Haha. Everything is a learning experience.
Now is also the perfect time to add that trim piece to embellish the top of your jar since you just painted glue all over the entire surface of it.

You can switch your tea light to the on position now & place it inside your jar. Oooh! That is so pretty! Don't you think so? I love it!

Happy Halloween! 
Treat yourself to some Halloween & winter holiday presents & gifts at
You deserve it! 
Art supplies are so fun & therapeutic! 
- Jenn White

100 Proof Press, RubberMoon & ArtFoamies art stamps & art supplies make that creative desire to express our imaginations through our creations so QUICK, EASY & FUN! 

Art Stamps are my favorite creative tools as they can be used over and over again in endless ways & they last for generations. My imagination absolutely explodes with ideas when gazing upon them & while creating art with them. I am forever a hopelessly addicted collector & creator when it comes to art stamps. How about you?

Monday, October 19, 2020

Halloween Book Made from One Sheet of Paper


Can you believe it's almost Halloween? In some ways this crazy year has gone so slow, but in others it's been so fast! Halloween always kicks off the holiday season for me. It's when we start really getting in to fall, fun decorations start going up, pumpkins start coming out, and we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas soon after. 
My project this month was dedicated to the spooky holiday thanks to the variety of stamps and foamies that are available through ArtFoamies, 100 Proof Press, and Rubbermoon stamps. 


I created this little booklet from one large sheet of watercolor paper, measuring 12 x 18 inches (I cut a giant 18 x 24 inch watercolor sheet in half). I covered it in gesso, then painted it with different hues of oranges and yellows. I did it in a fun, messy way, not caring what was where, since the ultimate goal was to fold it up into a book.

I then decorated each page with stamps, Tim Holtz Halloween Paper Dolls, and some vintage papers and goodies. 
You can see the whole process in the video below, as well as the list of products used. I hope you enjoy, and that you make your own little Halloween book! 
Funnily enough, the process for making this little book is similar to what Sarah Matthews did for her Zine. So you could do either, or both! Make sure you check out her post as well!

Products Used:
Mixed Media Chips

Supplies Used:
Canson XL Watercolor Paper - 12 x 18 inches
Liquitex Gesso
Dina Wakley Media Acrylic - Cheddar, Apricot
Distress Paint - Mustard Seed
Dina Wakley Media Gloss Spray - Cheddar, Lemon, Marine, Eggplant, White
Bone Folder
Distress Oxide Spray - Iced Spruce
Derwent Watercolor Pencils - Terracotta and Yellow Ochre
Distress Oxide Ink - Fired Brick
DecoArt Media Matte Medium & Gesso
Golden Matte Gel Medium
Collage papers
Dina Wakley Collage Tissue
Ranger Archival Ink - Black
Tim Holtz Clippings stickers
Tim Holtz Halloween Paper Dolls
Embroidery Floss
StazOn Ink - Red
Spray Water Bottle
Stabilo All Pencil - Black
DecoArt Media Spray - Black
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic - Carbon Black

Friday, October 16, 2020

Halloween Wall Decor 

Hi everybody, it's me, Patti Campbell here with a little Halloween magic. 
I created this Happy Halloween mixed media piece using:

10 x 20 inch canvas

140 lb watercolor paper

black gesso

Jazper Stardust fluorescent green

Moonlight Duos in Eclipse Black, Nebula Rust, Asteroid Umber, Planetary Purple, and Moonlight White

a black micron pen

PVA glue



Step 1:

I drew a circle in the upper left hand corner of the canvas to represent the moon. Then I painted the rest of the canvas with black gesso. 

Step 2:

I created the hill on watercolor paper by using very wet lamp black and raw umber letting the colors bleed together freely. Set aside to dry.

Step 3:

Using the Nebula Rust, I stamped out my bats on watercolor paper and cut them out.

Step 4:

I stamped the house twice on watercolor paper, once in Eclipse Black, and once in Planetary Purple. I cut the black one out whole, and cut out specific pieces from the purple one and glued them to the black one.

Step 5:

Using watercolor paints, I filled in the details of the house, and added the Meer Image witch's hat in the window.

Step 6:

I stamped the cauldron in black and the broom in brown on watercolor paper. Then I added some details to the broom with the micron pen and some yellow paint and cut them out.

Step 7:

I then drew the bubbles with a micron pen, and painted them with green fluorescent paint and cut them out.

Step 8:

Using the metallic marker, I wrote "Happy Halloween" in the top middle of the canvas. 

Step 9:

Once the hill was completely dry, I cut it out and glued it to the lower right corner of the canvas.

Step 10:

Next I played around with the positioning and where I wanted everything to go. I glued the bats around the moon, and the house on top of the hill. I liked the way it looked with the top of the house sticking off the canvas a bit. 

Step 11:

I decided the cauldron needed some depth. I stacked three little squares of paper and glued them together, and then glued that to the back of the cauldron. I then broke some twigs into about 1 inch pieces and glued them to the canvas to look like firewood under the cauldron. I carefully placed the cauldron so the feet are on the twigs. That and the stacked paper behind it make the cauldron pop off the canvas a little bit. I then glued on the green bubbles to make it look like they were coming out of the cauldron.

Step 12:

I glued the broom to the canvas beside the cauldron.

Step 13:

I stamped the ghost in Moonlight White, and that's it!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

October ArtFoamie Fun

Hey Friends! I am Sarah Matthews, and I'm excited to share with you how I made an eight-fold zine with ArtFoamies. I had fun playing around with these interesting stamps. I hope you will too!


\\\ My Links: Website: Instagram: @iamsarahmatthews

Please feel free to share your creations using #rubbermoon #100proofpress #artfoamies #100moonscollab on your social media. We will be so happy to see what you make with Rubbermoon,  100 Proof Press, and  Artfoamies products.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Image Masking featuring Grandpa's Ride & Pumpkins for Sale - Nancy Sheads


GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! This is Nancy Sheads and I'm back today with another project the 100 Moons Creative Design Team. There’s definitely a chill in the air so with Halloween rapidly approaching, it’s time to sneak in a few autumn cards before I go back to my Christmas cards.

Today's project features: 

  • Barb Rogers | BR7362H - Grandpa's Ride by Rubber Moon
  • Barb Rogers | BR7356F - Pumpkins for Sale by Rubber Moon
  • Elizabeth St. Hilaire | ES7305H - Poppies by Rubber Moon
  • Copic coloring (see list below)
  • Ink blending and heat embossing for the background.
  • Additional basic supplies linked in thumbnails below

  • When I saw today's featured stamps by Barb Rogers, I thought that those pumpkins would look perfect riding in the back of Grandpa's truck. So I did a little stamping magic using masking paper so that I could combine the two images into one. 

    Step by Step for Grandpa's Ride
    • Trim a piece of white cardstock to 1.75" x 5.5" and ink blend from dark to light with Distress Oxide inks in Black Soot, Hickory Smoke, and Milled Lavender. Set aside and allow inks to thoroughly dry.
    • Stamp truck on white Copic friendly cardstock with Copic friendly black ink.
    • Stamp truck on stamping mask paper and fussy cut the image.
    • Remove backing from mask and place over original stamped image.
    • Stamp pumpkins so that they appear to sit in back of truck.
    • Remove masking paper.
    • Color image (Copic marker colors shown below).
    • Color centers of tires with a silver gel pen.
    • Fussy cut image. 
    • Apply foam adhesive squares to back of image and set aside.
    • Cut a piece of design paper to 2.5" x 5.5" and adhere to card base as shown.
    • Cut a piece of white cardstock to 1 7/8" x 5.5" and adhere to center of design paper as shown.
    • Orient ink blended strip so that the darkest area is on the bottom. With watermark ink, stamp Poppies across the width of the strip. Cover with silver embossing powder and heat set.
    • Glue ink blended strip to center of white cardstock.
    • Stamp sentiment as shown.
    • Adhere truck to front of card as shown.

    Hope you enjoyed today's project. See you soon!