Monday, March 1, 2021

Mary Englebreit's Wishing Upon A Star by Nancy Sheads

GOOD MORNING RUBBERMOON FANS! Today's project was actually inspired by our own Jenn White who recently posted her rainbow colored tiles, tassels & tuffets using stamps from ArtFoamies. If you missed her blog post, take a look at it here

In a recent conversation, Jenn revealed that she often stamps out mass quantities of things and sends them out to friends. I was a happy recent recipient of some of her colorful Moonglo Bright Rainbow HeArtFoamies featured in her January post. What I love about Jenn's artwork is that she just goes with the flow, enjoying the journey rather than worrying about the destination. She plunges right in and figures it out (or not) as she goes. Either way, she just plays and finds her inspiration along the way.

I'm the exact opposite. I can't seem to start unless I can see it in my head from start to finish and visualize the end result. As a result, I spend a lot of time staring at my empty craft mat ....

So Jenn encouraged me to just play with my art, pretending that I'm once again in preschool, experimenting, discovering, and playing. So brings us to today's project.

I pulled out my favorite Mary Englebreit stamps from RubberMoon -- Wishing Upon A Star (Small). Did you click on that link to take a look? As some of you know, RubberMoon Stamps aren't available just anywhere! You have a couple of options. The entire catalog is available to subscribers to Kae Pea's Patron Group where for as little as $2.00 a month you can:

  • Access the RubberMoon Catalog for all of your RubberMoon purchases, including thousands of art stamps.
  • Access the Private Fb comMOONity
  • Access the morning heART daily mix media videos.
You can also purchase RubberMoon stamps through local craft stores such as The Queen's Ink. If your store doesn't carry them, be sure to ask them to contact Kae Pea for details.

Since I'm going to use my Copic markers, I stamp the image on Hammermill cardstock with a Copic friendly ink. Next, I pull out a range of Copic markers and laid them out on my desk in rainbow order. I knew that I wouldn't use all of them, but had them handy so that I could easily jump between colors without a lot of thought. Then I started blocking in areas of the background with color. 

I kept working until I had the entire background filled. At this point, I wasn't concerned about getting a smooth blend between colors. I just wanted to get the colors placed on the background.

I added a second coat of each color improving the blending and color depth as I went along. I also used tip to tip blending to help with the transitions between colors.

If you are not familiar with this Copic technique, select two markers in your blend (dark/medium or medium/light) and hold the lighter marker in your dominant hand (i.e. the hand you write with). Using the light marker, pick up some of the ink from the tip of the darker marker. When you color, you will have a tone that is a blend of the two markers that will make it easier to transition from dark to light.

At this point, the colors are beginning to meld together a little better. I allowed the inks to dry thoroughly since I knew that they would continue to blend on their own as they cured. 

I decided that I wanted to create some sort of galaxy in the background. To add texture, I dampened a small piece of terry cloth with Copic colorless blender and gentle dabbed the cloth over the background. The colorless blender lifts the Copic ink, leaving behind the imprint of the nap of the cloth.

Here I should note a few things:
  • Your inked background needs to be complete dry before you start dabbing, else the dots will just blend together. 
  • This technique also causes some movement of the ink so it helps to further blend transitions from one color to the next.
  • Since the ink can move, you need to be careful that the ink doesn't bleed into the uncolored parts of the stamp. If that happens, use your 0 blender marker to push the ink back where it belongs.
Once the ink was dry, I started coloring the stamped image.

Once the coloring was complete, I added a starry galaxy with white and gold gel pens. And here's the finished image! I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I may mount it on a card or I might frame it.

That's it for me today! Hope you've enjoyed this week's inspiration.

Until next time --


Monday, February 22, 2021

Love Art Doll by Wendy Aspinall

Hi everyone, it’s Wendy and I'm back again to bring you another fun project for you to try using the fabulous ArtFoamies stamps

Today's project features the following stamps from ArtFoamies: 
Do you remember your first baby doll or any doll you had as a child? Dolls have been a staple toy for young girls for years but what about big girls? Don’t we need a doll? Maybe not a baby doll but an art doll. We can share our dream with a doll to inspire and enjoy.

So I give you Miss Rosebud and her open heart. She’s made with very simple supplies, some cotton or linen material. Acrylic paints in all your favorite colors. Some stuffing. Some thread to sew her together. 

And some of your favorite ArtFoamies face stamps and patterned stamps. And a pinch of wonder and imagination. So pull your stamps and supplies together and watch the video.

Additional Supplies

  • A yard of cotton or linen material in cream or white
  • Acrylic paints
  • Fiber fill
  • Scraps of materials and ribbons / lace
  • Charms, bits and bobs or buttons
  • Thread for sewing
  • Sewing machine
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • And also the free with order heart stamp
Thank you for watching and I hope you will give the Love Art dolls a try.



Monday, February 15, 2021

Lazy Susan Altar Table

 Lazy Susan Altar Table

Hello again, Patti, here to share how I made this altar table using recycled materials. Let's get into it!

The materials I used are:

  • an old 13x13 tabletop
  • a lazy susan mechanism (the part that spins) I used an old one I had laying around
  • a #5 round brush
  • a #8 filbert brush
  • ArtFoamies Woman Power by Einat Kessler set of 2
  • ArtFoamies Japanese Tiles Flower in Octagon by Lisa Walton
  • ArtFoamies Patreon Exclusive Figure It Out by Kae Pea
  • Windsor Newton Titanium White acrylic paint
  • Daler Rowney FW. Pearlescents in Moon Violet, Hot Mama Red, Galactic Blue, and Waterfall Green
  • Golden fluid acrylic in Iridescent Gold
  • Krylon UV protective acrylic sealer
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • protractor
  • dotting tool
  • sandpaper
Step 1:

I sanded the top of the table, and wiped it off with a damp paper towel to get the dust off.

Step 2:

Using the ruler I found the center of the table top and then used the protractor to draw the circles for my mandala. 

Step 3:

I used a piece of painter's tape to shorten the Figure It Out stamp to better fit the mandala. Using my filbert brush I painted the Figure It Out stamp with white acrylic paint. Then I stamped it placing it at North, South, East, and West on the lines I had drawn. Then I immediately washed the paint off my stamp. This is very important to do as soon as you are done stamping!

Step 4:

Again painting the stamps with my brush and white acrylic paint, I stamped the two Woman Power stamps in between the Figure It Out stamps, alternating the two designs. And then I painted the innermost center circle with white acrylic paint.

Step 5:

I then stamped the Flower in Octagon stamp in white acrylic paint in between the figures heads around the whole circle.

Step 6:

I allowed the white acrylic paint to dry completely before moving on.

Step 7:

Next, using the pearlescent paints, I painted the Figure It Out figures purple and left a slight white outline around them. On the Woman Power stamps I painted the hearts and X's red, and the figures blue and green. 

Step 8:

Using the dotting tool I made a circle of dots between the figures and added X's and O's in the Figure It Out figures. 

Step 9:

I painted the centers of the Flower in Octagon images gold, the petals I painted pink by mixing the Hot Mama Red and white acrylic, and painted the octagon green.

Step 10:

Using the same pink from the petals I painted the innermost center circle.

Step 11:

Using the wrong end of the paint brush, I painted the dots in the center circle using blue, purple, and green.

 Step 12:

Again using the end of the brush I dotted around the outermost circle in purple and pink.

Step 13:

Once the all the paint was completely dry I sealed the tabletop using the Krylon sealer.

Step 14:

Once completely dry, I attached the lazy susan mechanism to the tabletop with a screw, and voila!

This project combined my love of stamping and painting with my love of making old things new again.

The table top was from an old table with broken legs. The lazy susan mechanism was from a spinning pencil holder. Yes, you could easily make it from new things but the table top is where my inspiration sparked. Bonus - these things will not be going into a landfill somewhere.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Have a great week. 

Love and Laughter,




Monday, February 8, 2021

Tiles, Tassels & Tuffets by Jenn White

Hello EVERYONE! Did you see my January blog post where I made the bright large rainbow hearts with  ArtFoamies StampBuddy pads with the Moon & The Maker MoonGlo & Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue ink refills?

I used those same custom inked StampBuddies to create these tiles, tassels & tuffets.

These were really fun & fast to create! I started by getting out a large pad of 140 pound watercolor paper. I chose ArtFoamies to use based on how Kae Pea's Tassels ArtFoamies would look attached to them. They are so fun & delightful! I was imagining piles of comfy, colorful patterned Bohemian pillows "tuffets."

These are the ArtFoamies I chose:
Here are several of the stamped images.

After I finished stamping them all I cut out the tassels & tiles by hand with scissors. This went surprisingly fast & was very therapeutic.

The stamped mirror image symmetry combined with the brightly colored inks is so pleasing to my eyes!

I auditioned each of the tassels with each of the tiles to see which ones looked best with each style & color pattern.

You can use them for book covers, in journal spreads, pockets, folders, greeting cards, scrapbooking wall decor, table decor, coasters, banners, party decorations and so much more. Imagine them stamped on fabrics! I imagine them embellished with glitter, sparkling gems & tiny reflective mirror tiles! OOOH! AAAH!

With your creativity & these ArtFoamies there is no limit to the beauty you can achieve! They are sure to bring a peaceful smile to the faces that gaze upon them.

Please post & share on social media what you are inspired to create after seeing this blog post. Be sure to tag me Jenn White @jenns_joys & @ArtFoamies in your post so we can see it & share it so others can be inspired by wonderful you.

Thank you for your time, your kindness & your love. I hope to see you here again soon!


Jenn White

Monday, February 1, 2021

Clean and Simple: Birdie Girlie with Botanical ArtFoamie Background

GOOD MORNING ARTFOAMIES FRIENDS! I'm Nancy Sheads and I'm back as this week's guest artist. I needed a card to send to a friend who has been ill so I did a quick look through my ArtFoamies to see what I could use for a quick background.

Now as many of you know, my style is really clean and simple. I love the randomness of mixed media where lots of colors, textures, layers, and patterns come together to create a beautifully organic design. And I love to experiment with my inks and paints. But when I'm short on time, I just keep it simple. 

Today's project features:

I started by inking the Botanical Foam stamp with Versafine Clare in Verdant and Bluebell on with a piece of white cardstock trimmed to 3-3/8" x 4-5/8". I did a few trial runs with Distress Oxides, but I wanted the stamped image to be fairly crisp so I switched to a pigment ink. After stamping, I set it aside to let the ink thoroughly dry.

In the meantime, I stamped the Birdie Girlie stamp white cardstock with Hero Arts Intense Black. The image was colored with Copic markers (marker list shown below). 

Since my stamped image was now dry, I used an oval picture frame die to cut an opening in the center of the image. I cut the frame three more times from white cardstock so that I could stack them on the oval opening. I positioned my Copic colored image behind the opening and adhered it in place. 

The rest is pretty straightforward. I cut green and dark blue cardstock, each layer being 1/4" larger than the next. Once the cardstock was cut, I adhered all of the layers together and then to a card base. My finished card is A2 in size (4-1/4" x 5-1/2"). 

Hope you enjoyed today's project! See you again soon!



Monday, January 25, 2021

Mosaic Valentine Banner

Hello, it's me Patti Campbell here to share some Valentine's Day magic on my first post of 2021 as an ArtFoamies Guest Designer.

For this project I used:

Step 1:

I stamped each of the ArtFoamies four times on the watercolor paper using a combination of the Moonlight Duos.

Step 2:

I made a paper template of a heart, traced it onto the stamped images, and then cut them out. 

Step 3:

I made a larger heart template and traced it onto the red and pink cardstock four times each and cut them out.

Step 4:

I stamped the Jone Hallmark stamp on watercolor paper using the Ranger ink five times, colored them in with the gel pens, and cut them out.

Step 5:

I folded the double bird images in half to make a single bird and then poked a tiny hole in the bottom for the twine to go through.

Step 6:

To make the mosaic look, I took one of the stamped hearts and cut it into several pieces. I glued the pieces to the red heart, leaving spaces in between the pieces forming a mosaic look. Then I repeated this with all eight hearts. 

Step 7:

I threaded the birds onto an approx. 4 ft. long piece of twine. Then I spaced them out so the hearts would fit between them and glued them into place.

Step 8:

I took a red heart and a pink heart and glued them together around the twine in between the birds. Then I repeated this step with the rest of the hearts.

Step 9:

With the twine I created a tassel for the bottom and tied a loop in the top.

Hope you enjoyed my fun and easy Mosaic Valentine Banner.

Love and laughter, Patti

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Spread Love not Hate by Wendy Aspinall

HELLO EVERYONE! I am Wendy and I have come over from the Relics and Artifacts Muse design team to play with some of the Art Foamies and Rubbermoon stamps. 

We live in extraordinary times, each one of us can decide if we want to spread love in the world or hate. Never has loving thoughts and actions been so important to spread in the world. With this thought in my mind when I was asked to prepare a guest blog post for Art Foamies’s blog. I thought what if I made a key holder to place just near the door so as I picked up my keys to go out I would be reminded of this important message.

Today's project features: 
I started by making some of my own printed tissues paper. I sprayed the tissue with Delusion Shimmer Inks in Hot Pink and Periwinkle Blue. 

When the tissues are dry I randomly stamped the tissues with Balzer Designs | Writer's Block and Kae Pea | Microcosms. Don’t be afraid to overlap the stamps. When dry, I added Distress Oxide Spray in Mustard Seed and let dry again. 

Tear the tissues in pieces. I especially like to use the tissues over white acrylic so when you glue them down they go transparent and make a beautiful effect. But let’s get on with our Love not Hate key holder project.

The canvas is approximately 4 x 4 inches, I started the first layer with white gesso, covering the whole canvas giving a smooth surface for the other layers to come.

Once the gesso has dried, I added a layer of Craft Smart acrylic paint in Peacock Blue to the side and edge using a large flat brush. Let dry. Then I glued on the pieces of tissue with Mod Podge in Matte finish and added a layer of the glue over the whole surface.

With white gesso, paint the shape of a heart onto the middle of the canvas. 

Spray the Sandra Evertson | Ex Voto Heart and  Sandra Evertson | Ex Voto Heart stamps with more of the Delusion Shimmer Spray in Hot Pink and then brush on white.

Stamp in the middle of the canvas. Set aside to dry.  

Now ink up the Sandra Evertson | Ex Voto Heart again with StatzOn Ink in Jet Black and stamp over the previous impression. Let dry again.

Use a Posca paint pen in white to outline the heart and wings and flames and add dots. Also ink up the ArtFoamies with StatzOn Ink in Jet Black and randomly print all over the canvas. Also ink Sandra Evertson | SE6009C - Sacre Coeur and add the tiny heart in right corner. Color in with a Posca paint pen in Silver. You can add some of the tiny hearts to the sides too.

Stamp out the saying with tiny alphabet stamps on card stock. Cut and glue onto heart. 

Add some water soluble wax crayon in yellow and green, blending it with your finger. Lastly I added some alcohol ink drips using Tim Holtz Adirondack Earth tones in Ginger.

Predrill a hole for the 7/8 inch cup hook and then screw in the hook. You may need a pair of pliers to tighten it.

Lastly staple a square of decorative paper on the back of the canvas and add a hanging fitting.

I used my favorite colors but this would look just as pretty in any color combination to suit your home. I hope you will have ago and spread your love where ever you go.

Hugs and LOVE