Monday, July 19, 2021

Transforming Scraps to Treasure by Lynne Forsythe

Lynne Forsythe here with another project for you. Have you ever experienced a Creative Block?? As a designer this can be PROBLEMATIC especially when you are trying to meet a deadline. I have to say...I hit the wall HARD this time!
So, how do you BREAK THROUGH a Creative Block? You just start! And that is just what I did. I gathered up a few bottle of paint, inspired by Color Crush Creative Mood Board ~ Grounded Soul, some paper and my ArtFoamie Stamps ....and I just STARTED!

Today's project features: 
After hours of creating, I still had NOTHING that I wanted to share with anyone! But I did have some excess paint on my craft mat that just couldn't be wasted. So I pulled out some leftover pieces of paper to sop up the paint, and IT HAPPENED, my creativity came flooding back!

What do you do when you hit a creative wall?? 

Thank you for stopping by! Until we meet again.....stay Creative!


Monday, July 12, 2021

Finding Inspiration by Patti Campbell

šŸ¦‹Finding InspirationšŸ¦‹

Hi, it's me Patti Campbell again! This post is going to be a little different from me, as this time I want to tell the story behind my inspiration.

Anyone who knows me knows that seeing live music is like going to church for me. My concert t-shirts are sacred. So when I do something that damages one, like getting a bleach stain on it, it makes me sad.  

For a long time I've been looking for a way to fix this shirt. Then one day it popped into my head to fix the bleach stain using more bleach (on an ArtFoamie). After checking with Kae Pea to make sure the bleach wouldn't ruin the Artafoamies, I pulled out Sandra Evertson's Bonehead ArtFoamie and got to work.

I tried applying the bleach on the ArtFoamies a couple different ways, and started experimenting on scrap pieces of fabric. What worked best for me was putting the bleach on a sponge, and gently tapping the ArtFoamie onto the sponge. Then I used a nice, clean brush to spread the bleach around the stamp, being careful to only get the bleach where I wanted it. This gave me the best image. 

When I was happy with my results on the scrap fabric, I laid out my t-shirt. I took a plastic placemat and slid it inside the shirt to ensure the bleach would not go through to the back of the shirt. 

Then I stamped Bonehead onto the bleach stain. I chose this stamp because it went with the theme of this concert tee.

Fixing this shirt inspired me to make a pillow cover.

For this project I used:

    • some small pieces of black fabric in various sizes
    • orange and yellow batique fabric 23" x 57"
    • rainbow colored thread
    • Clorox bleach
    • a new, clean sponge
    • a small flat brush
    • 22" x 22" pillow form
    • sewing machine
    • plastic mat
    • iron
    • pins
    • and the following ArtFoamies:

Queen Bee by Gypsy Soul

Whimsy Wings by Kae Pea

Intricate Butterfly by Donna Downey

Woman Power by Einat Kessler

Step 1:

I ironed the pieces of black fabric and laid them out on a plastic mat.

Step 2:

I put the new sponge in a dish and poured the bleach over the sponge.

Step 3:

I paired the Woman Power stamp with the Whimsy Wings stamp, and using the bleach on the sponge as mentioned above, stamped it onto my rectangular pieces of black fabric. On the smaller pieces of black fabric I stamped the Queen Bee, and on the big square of black fabric I stamped the Intricate Butterfly stamp twice.

Step 4:

I allowed them to dry completely and then I folded the edges under and pressed with an iron.

Step 5:

I measured the pillow and then folded the batique fabric with right sides together to equal 22". Then I pressed the side seams with the iron. 

Step 6:

I opened the fabric back up, and using the pressed seams as a guide, I laid the black stamped fabric on what will be the front of the pillow cover how I liked them and pinned them in place. 

Step 7:

I then stitched the black fabric pieces onto the batique fabric using my sewing machine.

Step 8:

I hemmed the two ends that would become the back opeing of the pillow cover for a nice, clean edge. 

Step 9:

I once again folded the batique fabric right sides together in the same place I had before (along the pressed seams), and I pinned the two raw edges.

Step 10:

I sewed the two raw edges with a 3/4" seam allowance. 

Step 11:

I turned the pillow cover right side out, and inserted the pillow form. Now I have a beautiful, decorative pillow to brighten my living room.

Thanks for reading!

Love and laughter,

Monday, June 28, 2021

Summer Memories by Barbara Vaccari

 Hi there! I am Barbara Vaccari from Albisola, Italy. I am so excited to be here with you and thankful to ArtFoamies for hosting me today .

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the glad response I received for my post. You have been so nice to take time to comment. I really appreciate it. I apologize for my language mistakes. I‘ll do my best to be simple and clear in my step by step instructions.

Every time I play along with ArtFoamies I get excited. They make me feel free and a child again. They are so inspiring in-fact while I was preparing this project I had some more ideas but I will show you them in the future. For today's project, I was inspired by a friend's  picture showing little girls embracing themselves as they finished their kindergarten year. I don’t know why but I immediately decided to create a frame for that treasured moment. Summer time is always welcomed with pictures and if you are like me, you’d love to surround yourself and your home space with framed best happy moments.

Please take note that I added the name of brand that I used in parentheses, but feel free to use your favorite brand and what you have handy.  I understand that living in different countries may change our art supplies assortments. 

  • Balzer Designs | Dotted Circle | Foam Stamp by ArtFoamies
  • Balzer Designs | Big Numbers | Foam Stamp by ArtFoamies
  • Crayon Foam Stamp by ArtFoamies
  • One or two wooden frames in your favorite size (3.5 x 3.5 in ; 8.5 x 6.5 in. approx) 
  • White tissue paper, watercolor sheet of paper 5,9 x 8.3 in. (Canson)
  • Scissors or X-Acto knife
  • White gesso (Golden)
  • Kitchen sponge or large flat brush (to base wooden frame) 
  • Soft Gel Gloss (Golden) 
  • Flat stiff brush to glue tissue paper
  • Palette paper or any grease paper to spread paint over
  • Spray bottle with clean water
  • Watercolor pastels Gelatos (Faber Castell : Mango, Banana yellow, Watermelon, Blood orange, Bubble gum, Orange Soda other any other watercolor crayons you already have in oranges tones).
  • Gel printing plate (Gel Press 8 x 10 in.) 
  • Brayer
  • Acrylic paints (Amsterdam : Rose Reflex, Reflex Orange, Napthol Red, Naphthol Red Light, Turquoise Green, Greenish Yellow, White)
  • Marabu acrylics (Phthalocyanine Blue, Lemon Yellow, Black) and a tip of dark brown to paint the back of frames.
  • Sticky dimensional adhesive foam

INSTRUCTIONS (see video below)
  • Lightly sand frames then base them with gesso. Let dry, sand again. Repeat gesso step till satisfied with a completely covered background. Let dry.
  • Pick up Gel plate and tissue sheets of paper. Add in different passages paints following your preference. I started with turquoise green and white, thinking of sea, waves and water. While gel plate is covered with fresh paint I drew some marks and doodles with a wooden stick. Be careful you do not cut or damage the gel plate surface. I added texture stamping with the Big Numbers ArtFoamies and then place tissue paper over to print. I followed along creating more tissue papers with turquoise blue, greenish yellow and white on gel plate. I experimented writing on the gel plate with white neocolor to see white lettering showing through patterned gel plate papers, but I wasn’t happy with my result so I left it. 
  • Gel plate and ArtFoamies are dangerous addictive tools and you never know how long you’re going to continue in playing! This time I tried with orange tones and reflex pink (yummy combination). Once satisfied and you’ve got plenty of colorful sheets, let the tissue papers dry well. 
  • In the meantime, paint the back of the frame with a large flat brush and black. Let dry.
  • Go back to the front, add soft gel generously and softly lay down tissue paper over the whole front frame surface. Lightly press with hands. Do not overthink on creases since they’ll vanish once dry. To help, lay down a piece of towel paper and gently press with your hands to be sure tissue paper is well glued to the frame surface. Once dry, use X-Acto knife to cut off central picture area. Feel free to tear tissue paper instead and glue it in pieces with soft gel.
  • Once your front frame is all gel patterned covered, let dry very well. 
  • Apply soft gel generously to protect your work.
  • Take watercolor sheet of paper and watercolor pastels, Gelatos. Spritz water on ArtFoamies crayon stamp then rub on gelatos color directly over foam stamp. I love to mix different colors even on small foam stamps surfaces and discover new flashy watercolor combinations. Let dry. Cut as many crayons as you want. I made three to add school details and then I decided to add more ArtFoamies stamps to my surface. 
  • Attach crayons stamps to the frame surface with little sticky squares dimensional foam.
And that’s it! A new joyful frame to add unique pics or to gift a special friend or your children's children teacher.

Take a look at my video to see the whole process!

Hope my project inspired you and I can’t wait to see your creations. Thank you so much for reading me. Please feel free to add suggestions if you discovered new one with Artfoamies. Sharing is fundamental to grow as creatives and we love to create, right?

Last from me: I keep a Marsiglia bar of soap to wash and clean my foam stamps. They remain soft and sweetly scented.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Centered Soul Art Journal by Renae

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! Galactial layouts are some of my favorite to make because they’re so calming yet so beautifully wondrous with so many possibilities of planets, colors, stars…. Some of the most beautiful designs have been the bright shining sun and the emotional moody planet we have learned to call the moon.

Today's project features:

In my mixed media art journal (the Large Dylusions is my fave) I sprayed a generous layer of blue and purple spray inks onto the double page spread. The inks in soaked in the page fairly quickly so I layered in the different colors along with spritzes of water to help blend the colors.

I applied a layer of gold modeling paste through this 12x12 sun stencil (The Crafter’s Workshop) in the middle of the layout for the moon stamps to gravitate around.

To add some interest to the background, I scooped out some gold gesso with a palette knife onto my glass mat and brayered on layers of gesso onto the large Ring Fling foam stamp by Julie Balzer.

I stamped several times around the edges of the layout as well as lightly pressing over the top of the modeling paste image in the middle (you don’t want the paste sticking to the stamp). Adding this small layer of gold and circle imagery really brings the page together.

Here’s the magical part! I applied a thin layer of silver gesso with a palette knife onto the Moon Phases Stamp set by Kae Pea and placed them in matching phases around the sun image. The smallest crescent is at the left and right of the horizontal middle of the layout while the full moon (even though run of the edge of the layout) is at the top and bottom of the of the vertical layout of the sun. There are the other moon phases in the middle of the two mentioned.

Once the silver gesso was dry, I applied a thin layer of embossing ink over top of the stamped images and applied a lilac glitter embossing powder over the moon images. I know it’s hard to see from certain angles but we’ll make it pop in the next step.

To make these moon beauties pop onto the page, I outlined the edges of the stamped images with white pearl acrylic ink with a small brush. This was the perfect way to bring them to life without being too dramatic or different from the background.

Hope you enjoyed today's project! Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, June 14, 2021

Queen Bee Shadow Box by Nancy Sheads

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! As some of you know, I manage this blog for Kae Pea, so I'm usually behind the scenes. However, this week I'm the guest artist and I have a mixed media project that I hope you'll love. It features the Queen Bee Foam stamp as well as several others in supporting roles. 

I'm usually a card maker and my main medium is Copic markers so this was really out of my comfort zone. But I was inspired by the clay work projects by Jenn White and Wendy Taylor-Aspinall so I decided to give this shadow box project a try.

Today's project features:


Clay Medallion
  • Tape a piece of Glad Press 'N Seal (sticky side down) on your work mat to prevent the plastic from moving while working with the Creative Paperclay.
  • Rolled out a small amount of Creative Paperclay so that it is larger the Queen Bee stamp and about 1/4" thick.
  • Cut the Paperclay in a circular shape slightly larger than the stamp. I used a plastic drink cup to cut a circle out of the Paperclay.
  • Carefully lifted the circle from the plastic and lightly rolled any frayed edges to the back of the circle. Lightly rub the surface with a tiny amount of water to smooth out any imperfections.
  • Press the Queen Bee stamp into the Paperclay with even pressure. Lift the stamp and clean immediately to remove any residue from the clay.
  • Make a small hole at the top of the clay medallion using a plastic drinking straw.
  • Allow clay to thoroughly dry. This may take a few days. You can also bake the clay in an oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes or until dry. See Craft Tips for Creative with Paperclay Products for additional information.
  • Apply two light coats of white gesso to front and back of the clay medallion. Allow gesso to dry thoroughly between coats.
  • Select acrylic paints in desired colors. I used Liquitex Basics in Brilliant Yellow Green, Light Green Permanent, Primary Yellow, Primary Blue, Primary Red, and Titanium White. You can mix color to get desired shades. I added white to create paler colors.
  • Apply first coat of paint as a light wash (I mixed each color with a small amount of water).
  • Apply second coat, deepening colors as desired.
  • Apply two lights coats of Gloss Gel Medium. Allow medium to dry between coats.
  • Create a brown wash (water + paint) and lightly coat the medallion. Lightly wipe off the paint, allowing the color to remain in the indentations and crevices of the medallion.
  • Complete any additional painting and apply another light coat of Gloss Gel Medium to seal.
  • Set aside and allow medallion to dry thoroughly.

  • Apply two light coats of white gesso to a 6"x6" canvas panel. Allow gesso to dry thoroughly between coats.
  • Randomly brush a couple of acrylic paint colors onto the panel. I used the same colors as the medallion, applying patches of Brilliant Yellow Green, Primary Yellow, and Primary Blue (mixed with Titanium White). Allow paint to dry.
  • Apply a light coat of Gloss Gel Medium to seal the first layer of color.
  • Apply acrylic paint to Stamp Buddy to use as an stamping pad. Use the Stamp Buddy to apply paint to the ArtFoamies of your choice and stamp randomly on the canvas panel. I used Microcosms, Lavender, Dino Skin, by ArtFoamies.
  • Apply a light coat of Gloss Gel Medium to seal the second layer of color.
  • Stamp Honeycomb Texture Background with Archival Ink in black.
  • Set aside to dry.

  • Thread a small piece of rawhide through hole in clay medallion and tie.
  • Glue medallion to canvas panel.
  • Frame in shadow box if desired.
That's all for me today! Hope you enjoyed this week's project. See you again soon!


Monday, June 7, 2021

"Flowers are like Friends” Fridge Magnet Shrine by Wendy Aspinall

HEY FRIENDS! Wendy Aspinall here and I'm back again as this week's guest artist for ArtFoamies.

Flowers are like friends, They bring color into our lives. I wanted to make a reminder of that with a pretty shrine filled with a dimensional bouquet of flowers that I could put on my fridge to see every day. I hope you will enjoy seeing my friendship shrine and maybe create one yourselves to celebrate your friendships.



  • Paint the lid of the paper Mache box with white gesso. Both inside and out. This is going to the base of the shrine. Let dry.
  • Paint stripes on the side of the shrine with blue watercolor.
  • Cut and paste scrapbook paper to cover the back of the shrine.
  • Using the lid as template, cut a piece of the watercolor paper to fit inside the lid as the background. Stamp a vase and flower bouquet on the paper and color. Add foam tape to the back.
  • Stamp additional flowers, leaves, and vases (three vases and at least two of each flower) on another sheet of watercolor paper. Paint and fussy cut.
  • Add foam tape to the back of all the pieces.
  • Arrange and layer the additional flowers and leaves to the background image to give dimension.
  • Add the completed background to the inside of the shrine.
  • Add quote.
  • Paste Dresden trim to the lip of the shrine.
  • Lastly add magnets to the back of the shrine.

Hope you enjoyed my project today! See you again soon!


Monday, May 31, 2021

Don’t Breathe Air, Breathe Life By Wendy Aspinall

HEY FRIENDS! This is Wendy Aspinall and I'm the guest artist this week for Art Foamies. I found fun quotation “Don’t breathe air, breathe life.” Fish don’t breathe air, but are full of life so I wanted to incorporate two things together. I also love Red tin roofs sardine stamps. They are really fun and quirky. So please, enjoy my Plaque project and I hope you’ll try this yourselves.

  • Roll out paper clay and using the backside of the ArtFoamie as a template cut out four fish. Don’t worry if the edges are rough. I sanded them when dry
  • Press into the clay with the ArtFoamie, using the side with the details.
  • Let dry on sheet of paper towel. This may take a few days. Turn over half way though so the fish stay straight.
  • When completely dry, sand off any rough edges until smooth. Be careful --  the fish are fragile. 
  • Add a coat of white gesso. Let dry.
  • Paint each fish a different color, but add touches of the other colors to highlight the texture.
  • Add the brown and then copper. Paint in eyes with white and black acrylic. Let dry.
  • Paint the edge of the wood plaque in the same brown acrylic paint. Distressed the edges with the sandpaper.
  • Cut scrapbook paper to cover the back and front of the plaque. Glue in place. 
  • Drill two holes for wire hanger.
  • Glue on the fish and quote.

Hope you enjoyed my project today! See you again soon!