The ARTmosphere SpaceCrafters Team

            Kae Pea

Kristen Powers a.k.a kae pea, is a firm believer in the magical powers of art making. Her own life has been transformed through living artfully and being open to the call of her imagination. Besides a paintbrush in hand and a blank canvas on her easel, there is nothing she loves more than to share and inspire others to follow their own creative dreams.

          Shari Acuff
Shari is our resident card-maker extraordinaire, which only makes sense as she is the Manager of both locations of Impress Cards and Crafts in Washington! She started out using her degree in Fashion Design as a pattern maker but took a break from the industry and never went back. She resides near Seattle with her boyfriend and their 3 cats. We are so glad to have Shari's wonderful, whimiscal talents on this team!

     Kersten Christianson 
Kersten, a raven-watching, moon-gazing, High School English-teaching artist, hails from Southeast Alaska and is a published poet (you can find her book of poems, "Something Yet to be Named", here!) She is a mom to a 5th grader as well as one cat and two dogs. She loves to use all kinds of materials for her art, including stamps, paint, wind chimes, beads, sea glass, fibers, and more! 

Sandee Setliff 
Sandee is a daydreamer and a night thinker. She sees an opportunity in every problem she faces. Her curious mind is stretched by all the experiences life throws her way and what she makes out of them. She is sunshine mixed with rain, creating a beautiful rainbow. She knows that with the right attitude, anything is possible.  Her style is an ever-changing art form: breaking rules and following her heart, meandering through life with paint and paper, anticipating and participating as much as one person can. Her favorite things are using quotes and art journaling for herself, although she does make art for sale in the town she lives in. When not 'arting,' she is walking through the woods in North Carolina looking for fairies and gathering moss.
Martice Smith II
aka the curly artista, ADORES all things grungy texture, saturated color palettes + helping other creatives add more artsy playfulness into their everyday lifestyle.She gets to mess around with art supplies all day + juggles many hats as a full-time artist, designer, online art instructor + styled stock photographer. This all gets done in the magical city of Kansas City, Missouri.Her current art supply faves are fluid acrylics + printmaking with stencils/stamps using a gel plate.

Belen Sotelo
Belen Sotelo resides in sunny San Diego with her boyfriend/ biggest supporter, Patrick and their two cats. She’s a self taught mixed media artist, snail mail enthusiast and an avid documenter of life. She’s a liberal, introverted, foodie that spends much of her free time reading, gaming and engaged in her passion for making artsy things. She’s a perpetual work in progress… a student of life. 

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