Friday, October 16, 2020

Halloween Wall Decor 

Hi everybody, it's me, Patti Campbell here with a little Halloween magic. 
I created this Happy Halloween mixed media piece using:

10 x 20 inch canvas

140 lb watercolor paper

black gesso

Jazper Stardust fluorescent green

Moonlight Duos in Eclipse Black, Nebula Rust, Asteroid Umber, Planetary Purple, and Moonlight White

a black micron pen

PVA glue



Step 1:

I drew a circle in the upper left hand corner of the canvas to represent the moon. Then I painted the rest of the canvas with black gesso. 

Step 2:

I created the hill on watercolor paper by using very wet lamp black and raw umber letting the colors bleed together freely. Set aside to dry.

Step 3:

Using the Nebula Rust, I stamped out my bats on watercolor paper and cut them out.

Step 4:

I stamped the house twice on watercolor paper, once in Eclipse Black, and once in Planetary Purple. I cut the black one out whole, and cut out specific pieces from the purple one and glued them to the black one.

Step 5:

Using watercolor paints, I filled in the details of the house, and added the Meer Image witch's hat in the window.

Step 6:

I stamped the cauldron in black and the broom in brown on watercolor paper. Then I added some details to the broom with the micron pen and some yellow paint and cut them out.

Step 7:

I then drew the bubbles with a micron pen, and painted them with green fluorescent paint and cut them out.

Step 8:

Using the metallic marker, I wrote "Happy Halloween" in the top middle of the canvas. 

Step 9:

Once the hill was completely dry, I cut it out and glued it to the lower right corner of the canvas.

Step 10:

Next I played around with the positioning and where I wanted everything to go. I glued the bats around the moon, and the house on top of the hill. I liked the way it looked with the top of the house sticking off the canvas a bit. 

Step 11:

I decided the cauldron needed some depth. I stacked three little squares of paper and glued them together, and then glued that to the back of the cauldron. I then broke some twigs into about 1 inch pieces and glued them to the canvas to look like firewood under the cauldron. I carefully placed the cauldron so the feet are on the twigs. That and the stacked paper behind it make the cauldron pop off the canvas a little bit. I then glued on the green bubbles to make it look like they were coming out of the cauldron.

Step 12:

I glued the broom to the canvas beside the cauldron.

Step 13:

I stamped the ghost in Moonlight White, and that's it!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I love it! So very cute and I enjoyed the purple font color too, spooky!

  2. Darling! I LOVE IT ALL! I absolutely adore your cauldron!