Monday, September 14, 2020

Evergreen Epiphany By Jenn White

Hello EVERYONE! I am Jenn White. I am so excited to be here on the BLOG with you all again! 

I was having fun on Sunday morning playing with some of the ArtFoamies in my collection. I was working on something completely different than this. Suddenly, I noticed an ArtFoamie on my table that was turned sideways. It caught my eye. I immediately thought out loud, "That looks exactly like an evergreen bough or an evergreen tree branch!" Do you know what happened next!? No? Well, I will tell you! All of these wonderful idea images of winter trees & winter holiday decor goods filled my head! I had VISIONS of holiday ornaments hanging on holiday tree boughs suddenly exploding out of my imagination. How could this be happening? My mind was on wildflower bouquets, Autumn & spooky Halloween creations not Christmas!

OH MY!!! Peel another sheet of 140 pound watercolor paper off of the pad quick quick! Pick out any or all of the green shades in the RubberMoon Moon And The Maker Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads & start inking that ArtFoamie & pushing it into that paper over & over. Looky LOOK!!! THERE IT IS!! THAT EVERGREEN TREE IS COMING TO LIFE!

They really are not kidding when they say inspiration will find you when you are working on something completely different! There I was, standing in my basement studio dancing & rocking out, singing along to some great classic rock & roll blasting on my stereo & stamping flower bouquets & OTHER THINGS for Autumn & Halloween & this beautiful wintery holiday evergreen tree appears on my paper. Who knew!?

This magic, versatile, morphing ArtFoamie is the Rosemary Herb ArtFoamie in the Red Tin Roof Set HERBS. You can find it on 

You can find the Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Martian Green, Space Moss & Galaxy Green ink pads & re-inkers in many other colors too at 

I am so glad I decided to be brave & just go ahead with this idea I had. I very carefully trimmed the word Rosemary off of the bottom of the ArtFoamie stamp image. This was kind of scary stressful for a second, I am not going to lie, but I was extremely inspired & did not hesitate. The word I trimmed off with my scissors "ROSEMARY" was easily saved & is still useable & stampable. What is the worst thing that could happen!? No worries. They'll make more. I promise!

You know, YOU really CAN morph any of these herb stamps into other things. It is okay for you to cut & trim your ArtFoamies if you want to. I asked Kae Pea. She said "YES!" SO USE YOUR IMAGINATION! 

I see a magical bean stalk to another land just beyond the clouds, a field of sunflowers, the stems & greenery in a bouquet, vase or jar of flowers. Plants in pots & planters & urns, pastures, vines, trees, shrubbery, landscaping, a woodland scene or forest fairyland. The possibilities are truly endless when you use your imagination. The best thing about art stamps is they can be used over & over again & again forever.

What do you think? Pretty COOL huh? Are you going to try it? I sure hope you do! Show me what you are inspired to create with my ROSEMARY Evergreen Epiphany & the other Red Tin Roof HERBS ArtFoamies Set! Tag me when you make your post so I will be sure not to miss it! Have fun getting Makey!