Saturday, August 25, 2018

RubberMoon turns 25

Today is RubberMoon's Silver Anniversary!

25 years of spreading moonbeams and sprinkling magic.
An anniversary is a day to look back on and celebrate the time that you have put into a event or relationship. I could not let this day pass without writing to commemorate this special time in hopes of conveying my feelings to you, my friends and creative moonbeams.
I purchased RubberMoon from the original owner in 2012. You can read a bit of the story here and here....
So you see, RubberMoon is so much more to me than just some little company that makes rubber stamps. It is a source of hope, love and inspiration and I hope that it is all of those things for you too!
Although I cannot say too much about the first 19 years, I can say that these last six years have been full of excitement, exhilaration and challenges. While I have accomplished many of my goals, I still have a lot left on my list of dreams and so, RubberMoon is 25 and we are really just blasting off!!
I hope you will continue to stay on this creative journey with us and I am so happy and honored and grateful that you are a part of my orbit!
I love you to the Moon and back.

A few highlights through the years:
August 1993 - RubberMoon is founded by Debra Valoff in Lake Hayden, Idaho.
June 2010 - RubberMoon is on Facebook
1993-2011 - RubberMoon is one of the small stamp companies that stuck around when many others closed their doors! Host to many great artists, such as Marylinn Kelly, Jane Cather, Dave Brethauer, and more. 
February 2012 - Kae Pea calls Debra V. to ask about having some stamps made. A deal is struck for Kae Pea to buy RubberMoon!
August 2012 - Kae Pea and her sister, Bridgette, go to Idaho to bring RubberMoon to Missouri.
September 2012 - RubberMoon opens in Louisiana, Missouri.
January 2014 - RubberMoon launches a NEW website and the MoonMail Club opens!
March 2016 - RubberMoon moves into a new building.
October 2016 - Mr. Moon comes to work for RubberMoon full time!
June 2017 - Maxi Moon comes to work for RubberMoon! 
November 2017 - Let's Get Makey is launched!
December 2017 - Kae Pea creates and launches her innovative Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads
August 2018 - Kae Pea and RubberMoon featured in the amazing magazine Where Women Create Work
August 2018 - Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Debra Valoff and Kae Pea Aug 2012

Letter from Kae Pea Sept. 2012

Old RubberMoon Catalog from 1996
September 2012
Our first location in Louisiana, Missouri, after moving RM from Idaho

Catalog cover from 2013

Catalog cover from 2016


  1. I'm so excited for you and the Moonie family, we love you to the moon and back!! Here's to your next 25 years!

    1. Thank you my friend!! I am doing a very happy moondance! And yes to 25 more!!! xokp

  2. Congratulations! I may be somewhat new to RubberMoon, but couldn't love it more! The designs make me feel something . That is such an important place to start!

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