Monday, April 16, 2018

Relics & Artifacts and RubberMoon FUSE Collaboration Day 12 - Sandra Evertson & Kae Pea

It has been so inspiring and such an honor to share the past eleven days of art and creativity with the talented artists and designers from the Relics & Artifacts team.

As a little 'encore', Sandra and I decided to team up on this final project! Sandra sent me a beautiful amber, glass, bottle she had re-purposed into an artful, sculptural masterpiece. She envisioned it as an "intention" bottle.

She left me the sides and back to work with and I set about adding a bit of my own creativity and energy to this beautiful piece.
Although I loved the shell topper, I thought I could make it even more 'treasure-like' with a bit of gold leaf!
And to the back I added Relics and Artifacts®  gold dresden wings and a hand painted watercolor angel with the word "intentions", using the RubberMoon my type alphabet!
I loved every minute of this collaboration. Special thanks to Sandra, her R & A team, to our RM team and to YOU!

*PLEASE watch our Facebook for this special piece to be auctioned!!

Sending Moonbeams,


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