Sunday, April 15, 2018

Relics & Artifacts and RubberMoon FUSE Collaboration Day 11 - Kae Pea

I hope you have been enjoying this collaboration as much as I have. 
When R&A first approached me about this idea to FUSE our two teams, I just knew there were going to be some truly amazing creations and I have to say - I wasn't wrong! 

Today I'm sharing a piece I created with R&A Ambassador Monica Downing. She sent me a clayboard treated with Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads. 

I decided to give it the RubberMoon treatment with lots of stamps & stencils layered to create something new and unexpected. Then I added the RA angel wings and it was something entirely new. I hope you like it! 



  1. I love this, the stencils add so much interesting pattern to that wonderful background and the third eye is oh so awesome; I think the wings took it even higher! 🖤

  2. Awww thank you so much!! <3 it has been such a great FUSION!!

  3. Just an amazing piece. I love it so much and was so honored to get to Fuse with you my sweet friend.

  4. I love this Kristen!! I really love this stencil and great use of the Marks!!!

  5. KP! It has just been Awesome watching these Amazing works of art come to life in the hands of each artist! She is SO YOU! Beautiful!

  6. Wonderful creation!! She is so beautiful.