Thursday, April 5, 2018

Relics & Artifacts and RubberMoon FUSE Collaboration Day 2 - Kersten Christianson

I partnered with Rochelle Kretz Gaukel on this piece, "A Little Birdie Told Me."  Rochelle sent my way a beautifully layered and painted backdrop complete with metal working.  

I used RA: Finch for the centerpiece of my hand in the project. I used Golden acrylic paints (bright blue and copper). I also used small beads of all colors to weave strands among the metal grid of my art partner's cage. Initially, I was going to nest the finch at the base of the cage, but I didn't want to cover up the lovely collage work that was created for me. So I had the finch emerge from her cage, outstretched legs and all!

Because she had shaped a cage, I decided to forgo the idea of creating a nest and instead perched my bluebird emerging from its cage.  I then wove strands of beads throughout the layers of cage to add further bright colors to the piece.

This was such a fun piece to work on!


Collage materials


  1. This is wonderful! So creative and beautiful!

  2. I love the wire cage with beads and that bird is so cute! Fabulous!!

  3. Such a Wonderful, Imaginative work of Art!

  4. Such a Wonderful, Imaginative work of Art!

  5. Such a Wonderful, Imaginative work of Art!

  6. Wonderful art and great imagination!! xx

  7. I love the way the cage emerges from the background and frame to create the opportunity for this gorgeous finch to fly free. How you have woven the beads through the cage wires adds so much interest and beautiful color!

  8. Leave it to Kersten to make a piece that looks like poetry in motion! And Rachel is always incredible with making everything look elegant! Love them and this collab! xokp