Thursday, April 12, 2018

Relics & Artifacts and RubberMoon FUSE Collaboration Day 8 - Maxi Moon

Hi everyone!

I hope you've been enjoying the RubberMoon/Relics & Artifacts FUSE Collaboration as much as I have. Seeing everyone's posts has been so inspiring and incredible! And there are still many more fantastic projects to come. 

Today I'm sharing my piece of a 3-way collaboration with R&A team members Milagros Rivera & Sherry Matthews. We each chose an artist to represent. Yesterday you saw Milagros' amazing take on Frida Kahlo, and today I'm sharing my take on Vincent Van Gogh, one of my all-time favorite artists! 

So first for this piece I picked a quote from Van Gogh that I really think sums him up nicely: "I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process." 

I chose a Relics & Artifacts piece (the hand) and made it hold a small paintbrush. On the back, I layered a copy of one of Van Gogh's works that I got out of an old art book I had on my shelf. The yellow dots of paint on the navy background inside the cradleboard are reminiscent of his painting Starry Night. 

I hope you enjoyed this piece, thank you for visiting the blog today! Please stay tuned through the next week to see the rest of the incredible FUSE pieces!

Maxi Moon


  1. This has been so inspiring! Love your piece!

  2. Maxi! This piece is Brilliant! The way you represented Van Gosh is SO Van Gogh! Love it!

  3. I enjoyed every second of getting to work with you Maxi!! Van Gogh would approve!