Friday, February 2, 2018

Gelli Printed, Collaged, & Stamped Cards with Martice Smith II

Gelli Printed, Stamped and Collaged Holiday Cards

By Martice Smith I

Hi everyone! Martice Smith here! I’m so happy to meet you back here in the Artmosphere!

Today, I’m showing you how to create a set of super fun, colorful and whimsical holiday cards. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like the traditional red and green seasonal colors but whenever there’s an opportunity for me to create something during this time, I celebrate with allll the colors of the rainbow! Yayy!

Another bonus? There’s no precision cutting required, this project is kid-friendly, and it’s a fun way to use up stacks of Gelli prints.

Feel more confident as you make your very own set of gelli printed, stamped and collaged holiday cards!

RubberMoon Stamps:

Supplies + Tools used:
  • White cardstock, cut to desired size
  • Stack of gelli prints
  • Neon fluorescent acrylic paint in an applicator bottle (I’m using Sizzling Pink by DecoArt Americana Acrylic)
  • Adhesive / Matte Medium
  • Foam dots (to add dimension)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Permanent Ink pads (black and gold)
  • Scissors
::Project steps::

STEP 1 // Cut out triangles, circles and rectangles
(You could also stamp your gelli prints before you cut out your shapes.)
The triangles will represent trees and the rectangles will represent tree trunks.
I like to be a little “extra” sometimes and add my own twist to things! I cut the circles into spirals (yep, same as you may have done in kindergarten), just to give them a little oomph!

STEP 2// Stamp the shapes
You can go as wild as you want with this step! I chose a few stamps that had intricate designs (like Mandala), a couple of playful stamps with scribbly handwriting and some that resembled texture (like Miraculous, XOXO, Evening Stardust.)

STEP 3// Arrange the shapes
Simply lay out your shapes on the card. (I highly recommend doing this before adding any glue, just to keep things looking fresh and neat.)

TIP: Think about composition: if you’re working on a small a card, maybe two trees would feel more balanced than if you were to add four trees. No cramped compositions!

There is no wrong way of doing this - just have fun, make bold color moves and enjoy the process of experimenting!

STEP 4// Add adhesives and attach to card
To attach the pieces of paper to the card, I used double-sided sticky tape.

Foam dots were used to create dimension. These little things are so much fun to play with! You can stack several layers of paper to create dimension. So clever, right?!

STEP 5// Decorate with neon paint
You don’t have to be precise when you decorate your cards but I wanted to give my cards a bit of visual interest by incorporating pops of neon paint.

As you can see, these aren’t your typical holiday cards! Write your message on the inside and you’re done!



  1. Love them so much!! Thank you for sharing colorful, fun, inspiring creativity!