Friday, December 15, 2017

Kersten Christianson Makes a Tarot Card Box

Moon Stenciled Tarot Card Box
#DrawaCard #Rubbermoon #Spirit


  • Catch a Dream Stencil
  • True Free Spirit Stamp, ML204G
  • Mini Moon Stencil ATC Size
  • MoonBeams Stencil
  • Night & Day Stencil
  • Super Star Stencil
  • Black Gesso Paint for Base
  • Acrylic paints:  Teals, Aqua, Magenta, Gold, Silver, White, Blues
  • Glitter Spray Paint

Over the years, I’ve accumulate more than a few sets of Tarot, either by intuit friends, or my own interest.  Many of the sets I have include strong moon imagery, but see very little daylight all packaged up in their individual boxes.  I’ve been eyeing a plain wooden box for some time now, decided to “moon it up,” and create an easier draw from a variety of sets.  Here is the finished box in the setting sun.

Here is the box covered inside and out with Black Gesso.  And here is the gathering of mostly moon-inspired stencils.  Ready to paint!

Working from one side to the next, I sponged acrylics through the stencils onto the box.  Luckily, the acrylics dry quickly.  Luckily, I long ago abandoned the need to keep my stencils in pristine condition.  In fact, I quite like the accumulated paints that gather in crusted layers.  It shows good use of art supplies and creative use of time.  One the images were stenciled, I sponged around the edges for a funky Milky Way effect.  Once finished, I spray painted and sealed with Glitter Seal.

On thing about crafting in Alaska in the winter is waiting for daylight to snap a bright photo or two.  Here, the cards are loaded, the wait begins.

And the following afternoon…SUN to highlight some MOON art.  Here my tarot card box sits on the front porch atop a layer of Yantra Wisdom Cards, also catching bright sun.

Another day, another project.  Start gathering your stencils!


Kersten Christianson