Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Any time I hear the words "Live Happily" or "Sparkle Like You Mean" it, I immediately think of fellow friend and artist, Lori Sparkly Franklin. Doesn't the name just put a smile on your face? 

Lori is a mixed media Artist who lives in Northern Minnesota. Her first passion is to paint on canvas, she also loves collage work in which she will uses reproductions of her original work together with vintage paper and creates new whimsical works of art, as shown below.

Prints of Lori's Beautiful Art work are turned into "Confetti Pasta" in order to create brand new Collage Works of Art. 

Lori also is a jewelry designer of her "Sparkly Necklace Collection". She incorporates Art with Vintage and also New Elements. So so cool.

  We both share a love for Backyard Birds, so naturally i am Crazy about one of Lori's latest original paintings.

Rubbermoon Stamps were lucky to have Lori as one of the first Design Team Members. The first two images are samples of her own stamp designs. You can purchase these wonderfully affirming RubberMoon Stamps by clicking on LIVE HAPPILY and also SPARKLE LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

I am sure you must be interested in seeing more of Lori Sparkly Franklin's work  at Sparkly Hearts Studio
Thank you so much Lori for allowing us to feature your beautiful work and your RubberMoon Stamp Designs.

Once again, check out RubberMoon.com for all of your art stamp needs. Thank YOU for visiting the Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog. Please come back next week for more fun!    -Barb                                 


  1. So excited to have Lori back here for a visit! Love her and her work!!

  2. Aw, thank you miss Twin BirdNerd!!! (Aka dearest Barb Rogers 😍 ) It was such an honor to be a part of the Rubbermoon Design team!!! I love their stamps, and they have something for everyone in their collection. I look forward to our next collaboration!!!! Xoxoxo

  3. I love your work, Lori!--Janice

  4. beautiful work in ypur blog,thanks for this.

    Gold Tips

  5. colorful, beautiful and joyous creations! xo

  6. Your work is fun and joyful! Do you really cut painted paper with a pasta machine? And to think I was about to give mine away....