Monday, September 19, 2016

   A "Dream World" with Stampstracts!

I have to say that I keep looking and looking at this wonderful piece by RubberMoon's owner and art director, Kristen Powers. I can't seem to keep my eyes off of it.  Kristen has come up with a terrific collection of abstract stamps ("STAMPSTRACTS") that have a myriad of endless Creative Possibilities. That is what I love about Kristen's stamp designs.  She not only draws the most amazing whimsical images of characters and various subjects, but she also designs these masterful shapes so the buyer can create their OWN works of art! The STAMPTRACTS line was just released in July and the response has been amazing! If you click on this link you will be introduced to the entire collection. Listed below are the stamps that Kristen used for this particular Masterpiece.

(1) Dream Maker
(2) Sorta Scalloped
(3) Effervescent
(4) Tri Dots
(5) Surround
(6) Scribblestracts

Kristen used Peerless Watercolors to create these vibrant colors in her piece "Dream World".  Peerless Watercolors can also be purchased at

Thank you so much Kae Pea for creating such a beautiful and spell binding piece for us to share! 

If you haven't the chance, check out  RubberMoon for all of your art stamp needs! 
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  1. absolutely beautiful. KP inspires! xo

  2. absolutely beautiful. KP inspires! xo

    1. <3 Thank you for such a nice comment!! xokp