Thursday, September 8, 2016

               Teresa's Adorable Chick

Welcome back to Wonder-Full Wednesday on the RubberMoon Art's Blog. Today I would like to feature the exceptional Art created by Teresa Kolar.  Usually I share a little back ground into the artist, but I want to share verbatim, the well stated Bio that Teresa has written herself...

"I work in a very special place called Sweet Mare Studio. We are located on Island Lake approximately 20 minutes outside of Duluth,MN. 

A few years ago my good friend, Lori Sparkly Franklin, invited me to participate in a class at her studio. The class was being taught by Kristen Powers of RubberMoon stamps. I had a fantastic time learning with KP. Not long after that KP invited me to be a guest writer on her RubberMoon blog and create some stamps for RubberMoon. We have been friends ever since.

I have been painting, drawing and creating all my life. My mother is an artist. All of my siblings are artists. When i was a child I watched my mom paint and was greatly inspired. I have been “making things” since I was a child. 
Currently my favorite muse is botanicals/florals. I use acrylics and pastels to create them. 

I graduated from the university of Minnesota, Duluth with a teaching degree. I have always loved creating and teaching. At Sweet Mare Studio, I conduct art classes that are small and intimate. This affords me the opportunity to provide special attention to each student. We learn a lot together and we have a great time.

I truly believe all of us must be creative to be happy. Creating keeps us vibrant and inspired about life. It engages our brains and gives us interesting things to talk about and share with others.

 Various businesses include my work in their collections and my art has been published for retail sale throughout the country." -Teresa

I had the pleasure of getting to know Teresa on FB, when she Participated in the Original RubberMoon Design Team. Besides being a very kind and gifted Artist, Teresa also has a incredibly fun sense of humor. 

The above Adorable Chick was created by Teresa using her own RubberMoon Stamp design. Many of Teresa's stamp designs are wonderful tools to use in the background of any of your own creations. She used her stamp design, Organic Circle, to create movement in the background of this painting.

Teresa has a Fantastic Etsy shop where you can view and purchase some of her amazingly beautiful work, 
TC KOLAR ART. A sample of her beautiful ART below.

                          So So Beautiful...Right?!

Thank you Teresa, for sharing your work and letting us get to know you a little more!

Once again, check out for all of your art stamp needs. Thank YOU for visiting the Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog. Please come back next week for more fun!                                     ~ BARB


  1. Teresa's beautiful spirit shines in her art. Love it so much. Thank you for sharing.