Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jessica Sporn's Build-A-Villa

For RubberMoon Art Stamps

Created by Artist, Janice Bryant

Jessica Sporn is one of the many talented and gifted contributing artist for RubberMoon Art Stamps. She has created this magical village of stamps called Build-A-VillaBuild-A-Villa may be purchased as a complete set at a discounted price or available individually. 

This absolutely BEAUTIFUL sample of Jessica's Designs, along with other cool RubberMoon stamps, was created by a gifted artist and stamp enthusiast, Janice Bryant. I LOVE this piece SO much! Janice is a long time follower of Kristen's stamp legacy. She has been a fan since the family owned Effie Glitzfinger's. That goes WAY back! Janice used her expertise with Copic markers to color the stamps. The following RubberMoon stamps are the ones used to enhance the Build-A-Villa scene. Thank you so much Janice for sharing your gifts and talents with us!!!

(1) SunSweet
(2) Baggy Pants
(3) Blanche
(4) Dot the Party Girl

Once again, check out RubberMoon.com for all of your art stamp needs. Thank you so much for visiting the Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog. Please come back next week for more fun! ~ BARB


  1. This piece is just so wonderful' make you feel good just looking at it!! Thank you barb and Janice for a wonder-full Wednesday!

  2. this is delicious eye candy! such rich colors. I love it. xo