Tuesday, July 26, 2016

           "Two Heads are Better than One"

Hello fellow RubberMoon Lovers! Welcome to "Wonderful Wednesday" here on the the RubberMoon Arts Blog. Each Wednesday, I will be bringing to you all things RubberMoon. Some posts will be packed full, while others may just feature a cool creation by some terrific Artists and other RubberMoon Enthusiasts. 

Last year I was lucky enough to take an online course which was a collaborative effort from Kristen Powers and Sunny Carvalho. The name of the course is/was TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. This class is still available for your enjoyment through the link above. Sunny has designed some amazing Stamps for RubberMoon and the class demonstrated to us how to use some of the Stamps to make whimsical and fun characters. We also incorporated some of RubberMoons classic stamps in the mix.

One of my favorite people and Artist, Maggie Barbour, also took the class. She was gracious enough to lend her personal art work to the blog today. This is actually a self Portrait of Maggie using the Sunny and RubberMoon Stamps. I JUST LOVE IT! It captures Maggie to a TEE! Below each image, I will attach links in order for you to purchase the very same stamps used in the creations.

Is this adorable or what?? Maggie used the Stamp..I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU.  She also used a RubberMoon goodie designed by Marylinn Kelly named Star Spiral.

I will also share some of my work from the class below.

This piece used the following stamps. 

       The other stamps in this image are all a part of the 
KRE8TIV ELEMENTS COLLECTION designed by Kae Pea herself. 

                                   PONY TAIL
                                                    LITTLE FESTUS
                                                    LUCY BIRD
                                                    SMALL BUNTING

A pic of the larger stamps used in these creations. Yes, these are some nice BIG stamps! Trust me, they are so much fun to play with and no limit to the creativity. I highly recommend taking the "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE" online class.   You will not be disappointed. See you next Wednesday!!


  1. Barb and Maggie, you guys ROCK! I love how your projects came out and I'm so thrilled that you both enjoyed the class! Thank you for the post.

  2. These artsy persons are so special. They are a great use of the stamps and show your creative personalities. Love them.

  3. These artsy persons are so special. They are a great use of the stamps and show your creative personalities. Love them.

  4. What a wonderful share! I am so glad to see these projects that came from this class. It is so fun working with Sunny and seeing the creativity that comes from all of this is just such a blast! All the art and imagination here is just over the moon!! Thank you Barb!

  5. Thank you...it was fun and my pleasure. :)