Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I love to give books or certificates to book stores as gifts. However, I like to have something handmade in the mix as well. So, I make bookmarks, often customizing them to suit my intended Giftee. Bookmarks are simple and fast to make, and they're a little something that my loved ones can keep using long after the books have been read and shelved.

Bookmarks, since we're quickly coming up on that time, also make great stocking-stuffers.

Plus, they're an excellent way to remind someone, even when you're not there, that you care about them.

So, get out your cardstock and stamps and make a few bookmarks today!

Where will your imagination take you?

RubberMoon Stamps


  1. Sometimes we forget that simple IS also very creative and satisfying! These are wonderful and I am inspired to make a few! I can make time to do some of these babies!!

  2. I love book marks too. I like to think people think of you when using them.

  3. I need some of your stamps to make cards for a free spirit friend of mine

  4. rubber stamps are very common here in china these stamps can be of great use for educational purpose & seals of rubber stops cold air to effect on children
    these rubber grommets can do wonders for you if you use them at right place