Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Magic Wall Hanging

Question: What's better than rubber stamps from RubberMoon?

Answer: Rubber stamps from RubberMoon and Art Squares from Inchie Arts!

I was cleaning up and about to put away my winter and Christmas stamps (Why?! I'm just going to use them again tomorrow!), when I glanced at my tiny collection of Art Squares and had a fit of inspiration. I decided to make a wall hanging. That's my excuse for not cooking dinner that time.

I began with the largest square, which is 4 x 4". I coated the background with a light blue ink and then stamped on the trees and snowflakes. I added the sentiment using StazOn jet black ink. I used irRESISTibles Shimmer to make dots of snow - I love the little bit of sparkle it adds. I made the snow under the trees using Amplify that I sprinkled with glitter before it dried.

For the snowflake panels, I first coated them in StazOn white Studio Glaze. Once that was dry, and it doesn't take long at all, I put the panels side by side and stamped the large snowflake. That way I didn't have to stamp it twice and try to guess at placement. I stamped the smaller snowflakes and then added dots of Stickles hologram for extra bling.

Last, but not least was my favorite little tree angel stamp. I colored her in and used my finger and ink to make swipes of blue for the sky. Then I used Stickles hologram again and smeared it across the panel with my finger. Yes, my hands usually end up looking like I got into a prize fight with an elf, but I get the job done.

The trickiest part of this project was lining things up and making sure I got the holes punched in the right place. The rest of it was just plain fun!

Where will your imagination take you? Forget cooking dinner... just go there.

RubberMoon stamps used:

There's Magic in the Air
Skinny Trees
6-sided Snowflake


  1. So clever you awesome girl !!! <3

  2. So pretty, Barb! Thank you! At first I thought the ribbon bows were tiny birds and I marveled at your origami skills. Knowing that they are ribbons gives me a sense that I might be able to accomplish this too if I were to try. Thanks for your inspiration. I love how you used those inchies!

    1. Thanks, Ceci! They can be tiny birds if you want, but my origami skills are nowhere near that!