Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Impossible Things Happen

I didn't know it when I made these two cards for today's post, but yesterday marked the 3rd year anniversary of Kae Pea owning RubberMoon! Being an artist was never a question for her and building a rubber stamp business was a long-time dream. You can read a little more about her on last month's post at Artists Tell Their Stories.

I have people ask me all the time, "How did you get into this? What made you think you could...?" I fell into rubber stamping (and art itself, for that matter) quite by accident. I never thought I could. I certainly never thought I'd be selling my work or exchanging ideas and techniques with other artists! But, from the moment I picked up my first rubber stamp, I was hooked. My first pieces (some of which I still have) were fairly rudimentary and lacked a bit of finesse, but it was fun, so I kept going.

I guess that's the ticket. When you love something, love doing something, don't worry about where it's taking you, just participate in the journey. Because, I never would have expected it, much less thought it, but here I am, little more than a decade after I made my first card, designing and posting for one of the best rubber stamp companies ever. The real bonus has been all of the great friendships I've made in the art world.

And, you know what I have to say about that? That's just ducky! Here's to Kae Pea and the continued success of RubberMoon and Blue Luna Press!!

RubberMoon stamps used:

Paths Through the Woods
Impossible Things Happen
That's Just Ducky
Wee Duck
Sprinkles Cube

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  1. ahhh these are delightful, as are YOU! Thank you again and again for being 'here' for me and the 'Moon! xoxokp