Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's Always Sunny at RubberMoon!

Can I just say... I love Sunny Carvalho's line of stamps at RubberMoon! They are fun and whimsical, and I love fun and whimsical. It's rare that I send a serious card to anyone, so I'm always on the lookout for stamps that are different, but that mirror my... oh, let's call it quirky... my quirky sense of humor.

I read just last week that adult coloring books are all the rage now. For some of us, coloring has never stopped being all the rage. Maybe we should change "all the rage" to "all the happiness". Because what takes us back to happy childhood feelings the way that coloring a plain black and white image does? Maybe throwing a water balloon at some poor, unsuspecting soul, but they'll kick you out of the coffee shop for that.


Sunny's images are great fun to color in. The designs leave endless possibilities for color combinations and work well with colored pencils (which is what I used), watercolor, crayons, pens, sharpies, etc. I often use a blender pen dipped in ink when I work with some of these stamps.

Where will your imagination take you? Happy Crafting!

RubberMoon Stamps Used

Lucy Bird
Lucy Bird 2
Cat's Eye
If Cats Could Talk They Would Lie
Happy Thoughts
Heart Wand

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  1. We love Sunny's stamps too AND you!! Your humor is , well, funny and your post(s) delightful!!