Wednesday, May 13, 2015

RubberMoon Mail Club Fun

Hi, Barb here, and I must tell you about The RubberMoon Mail Club

I just signed up for it last month and after my first packet, I'm wondering just what took me so darned long! It's like getting a fun little present in the middle of the week for no real reason. And aren't those the best kinds of presents?!

What I received was a fun newsy note from Kae Pea, the rubber stamp that she designed (shown in the above picture), an Inchie Art ATC Square (also pictured above), and an extra surprise stamp from 100 Proof Press. I was - you guessed it - over the moon.

Because I really had other things that needed to get done, I started playing with the stamp instead. I'm a total gold medal champion at the Procrastination Olympics. For some reason I had this phrase in my head, uttered many, many years ago by a rather precocious child I was caring for. When I asked, "Why are you so crabby today?" He replied, "Do I look like the bluebird of happy nest?!" The poor kid was so sincere in his obvious misery, that I had to run off to another room to laugh.

So, for whatever reason, I was thinking about it, procrastinating and playing with my new stamp, and this happened...

I turned the Inchie Art ATC square into a magnet, and used the large Chubby Crow stamp for my non-bluebird. At first I was kind of annoyed that bits of my embossing powder had stuck to the background, but then I decided to like it because it made him look a little unkempt and grumpy. I used a sharpie to add the quote.

And, because I had nothing better to do (ohyeahright), I made a card using both new stamps.

There you have it. I hope you'll join us in the RubberMoon Mail Club. It's so much fun. And, hello... a new stamp (and other goodies) every month. How could that be anything but good? 


  1. Both cards are great! Really love your humor and the way you use our stamps! Thank you for sharing your time and ideas with RubberMoon!!!

  2. Late to the party - but I LOVE your card, and the cute story.