Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY Washi Tape

It's great to be back at RubberMoon to post a simple tutorial utilizing some fun new stamps:
1) Joe  2)  Popcorn  3) Bright Ideas (I have been looking all around for some light bulb stamps...and these are AWESOME!)  4) Sparkle (saying contains my One Little Word "light" another LOVE!)
 5) Nail Polish  and 6) XOs.

So let's begin:
Place pieces of regular masking tape onto a craft sheet.  I used wider tape, but any size will suffice.  You can see I ripped some to be a smaller width.
Apply a thin layer of gesso on each piece.
Or you could use acrylic paint as a base layer.

Spray mists all over the pieces. or use watercolor.
I may have gone a bit overboard...another good reason for the craft sheet.

They eventually dried.
Although the tape looks dull, there is mass amounts of sparkle and shimmer.
It is so hard to capture in a photo.

Next, go to town using the stamps with different inks, UTEE, and embossing powders.

I use my washi tape for scrapbooking and Project Life cards, hence a small piece is usually all that is needed.  Being such, I chose to put different stamping images on one strip of tape.

Apply heat to all the elements with UTEE and embossing powder. 
Yet again another good reason for using the craft sheet.

Some images turned out better than others, but since this was my first attempt,
 I was totally happy with the result.

 The nail stamp ended up getting some embossing powder and UTEE mixed and caused it to distort the stamped image plus the tape was bunched up at the end.  Lesson learned.

I pulled the tape off the craft sheet to show the end result; however, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are ready to use it on paper or have a storage technique that works. (I'm thinking waxed paper may work, but I didn't want to risk losing my tape to try it.)  The tape is still sticky despite the inking and heating that occurrs.

This method is simple and personalized for my needs.  The drying was the only thing taking time, but you could use a heat gun to speed the process up.

I definitely will be doing this again.
I learned what worked and also what didn't.  Plus ended up with some happy surprises such as the UTEE staying together on my light bulbs when pulled off the craft sheet.

My final washi tape ended in my SMASH album from a recent trip to Louisville.
Here are some examples:

Thanks for joining in on my DIY adventure with washi tape and RubberMoon stamps.


  1. Ali, you picked some of my favorite stamps to work with on this project tutorial. I really like your take on unique washi tape. It really highlighted/ enhanced your journal pages. Looks like you had some funw ith the page and the adventure it depicts.

  2. Love this tutorial! Thank you for sharing. It is great to have you back sharing your creativity Ali!

  3. Great tutorial Ali..lots of fun!