Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 2 With Barb Rogers-Travel by Night

Celebrate our new product launch….with Inchie Arts

As you know, we carry several different sizes of the popular Inchie Arts Art Square products. And when they decided to launch their new 4” black Art Squares they invited us to announce and sell it first. 

In fact, it was one of our artists (you know who you are SC!) that nudged Inchie Arts to introduce this particular size and color.  To celebrate, we invited a handful of our designers and artists to let creativity fly with the new 4” black Art Squares. 

Every day from now through Saturday we will be posting amazing creations from Lisa Lee, Barb Rogers, Lindsay Waltman-Ostrom, Sunny Carvalho, Jessica Sporn and Kristen Powers.
And on the Inchie Arts blog, ALL IN AN INCH, Lisa will be sharing lots of techniques and tips for all sizes of black Art Squares from 1" to 4".  

A few things you may not know about black Art Squares:
·        they are made from 100% cotton (not paper)
·        they are a super black with the 'black' sourced from natural ebony

·        they are a perfect 4 ply substrate for direct art application especially acrylic paints, white and metallic detail pens, colored pencils, Pan Pastels, stamping and embossing with white or light colors, chalk board style work and photo creations.  

Day 2 with Barb Rogers - Travel by Night

 I had So much fun creating this project using Rubbermoon Stamps and Inchie Art Squares.  Ive been lucky to use Inchie Art Squares in many of my past projects, but this is the first time to create with the 4x4 Black Square Matboard. I just loved using this product, and as always, fun and creative projects using Rubbermoon Stamps are endless.

Below, I will show and list the Stamps and Products used in this Project.
4x4 Precision Cut Black Matboard Squares
Inchie Art Squares  are Perfect for mixed media, watercolor and stamping/coloring on small format Art Projects.

In each project, I used two of the Rubbermoon Stamps of my own design.....
(1) GO BUG
Instead of using the tradition Black colored Ink, this project called for stamping with White Gesso on to the Black Matboard Surface. I love to just show partial images on my pieces, as I did above with the "Go Bug" Stamp, as if the Beetle is driving off of the edge of the Matboard.  I think this adds fun, and shows a sort of "movement" with these Stamps on wheels . Smooth a thin layer of gesso onto a flat surface. I use my Ultimate Red Rubber Pallete as a surface for spreading out the Gesso in order to to get just the right amount on to the stamp. (Do not use too much Gesso, and test it before stamping on to the Art Square). Let the Gesso then dry.

After image is dry, pick out some fun colors that will compliment the black background and white gesso. Paint away!!!
This particular Stamp, I use in many of my Projects and Paintings to Create Stars in the Sky. It is an Exclusive Rubbermoon Stamp through the Rubbermoon Mail Club. Please clink on this link, and find out more information about being part of a fun creative group.


The New Moon stamp on the Black Art Square surface takes a simple technique. First, apply the New Moon stamp on to the Black Matboard and let dry. Then fill in the center of image with White Gesso and dry again.  Stamp another time, using Black Ink in order to show a face on the white image. Then paint on your accents. 
I hope you enjoy using the Inchie Arts Black 4' art squares and Rubbermoon Stamps as much as I enjoy them!  Thank you so much and HAPPY CREATING!


  1. Oh man! Love these and the colors and style that Barb added to make them extra spectacular!!! Well done!!!

  2. What can we say except we love this post so much! Darling art work and thorough tutorial! Thank you so much Barb!! Happy Trails!! xo

  3. oh man, do i love the effect Barb get's with her painted coloring. LOVE. Gotta try that gesso sometime too. Fab idea! Thanks Barb!!!!

  4. These are delightful! I love the stamps and the black Art Squares! Great idea to use gesso and paints! Love the look!

  5. The pieces are perfect illustrations for your "Travel by Night" theme. I wouldn't have thought to stamp with gesso. Great tip, thank you. xo

  6. Lots of Fun FUN ((( F U N ))) in every Picture!!! TFS!! ;)

  7. So adore the partial stamping to the edges! So much movement and excitement. Beautiful and love your style and awesome colors!~kim

  8. You know I love your trailers! Thanks for including the red rubber palette. I need to be remindered to use it.

  9. Barb, I just LOVE your tutorials! Thank you for being so thorough. I love how you used the numbered paper for the background and your painting technique is the bomb, girl! I gotta try that! Oh, I love stamping with gesso, too. It's the texture lover in me!

  10. oh my goodness these are so wonderful. you make me feel I can do this too. I guess I need some little black inches too! xo

  11. I have facebook friends that go glamping and string out lights and bunting just like in your artwork! But your pictures look so much more fun! I love the teal color.

  12. I have finally decided that "Sending moonbeams" is my favorite. I can hear the roar of the crickets in each one of these pieces.