Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 6 with Kae Pea

Celebrate our new product launch….with Inchie Arts

As you know, we carry several different sizes of the popular Inchie Arts Art Square products. And when they decided to launch their new 4” black Art Squares they invited us to announce and sell it first. 

In fact, it was one of our artists (thank you Sunny!) that nudged Inchie Arts to introduce this particular size and color.  To celebrate, we invited a handful of our designers and artists to let creativity fly with the new 4” black Art Squares. 

Every day from now through Saturday we will be posting amazing creations from Lisa Lee, Barb Rogers, Lindsay Ostrom, Sunny Carvalho, Jessica Sporn and Kristen Powers.

And on the Inchie Arts blog, ALL IN AN INCH, Lisa will be sharing lots of techniques and tips for all sizes of black Art Squares from 1" to 4". 

A few things you may not know about black Art Squares:

·        they are made from 100% cotton (not paper)
·        they are a super black with the 'black' sourced from natural ebony
·       they are a perfect 4 ply substrate for direct art application especially acrylic paints, white and metallic detail pens, colored pencils, Pan Pastels, stamping and embossing with white or light colors, chalk board style work and photo creations.  

Day 6 with Kae Pea- Moon Making!

I made a moon (well, of course I did.)
I started with :
 4" Black Art Square from Inchie Arts
the melanie stamp (RubberMoon stamp designed by Marilynn Kelly)
My Geo Circles Stencil from StencilGIrl
white gesso
Sharpie Extra Fine water-based Paint Marker (white)

First, I started by tracing a circle on to my black art square from my geo circles stencil, using a white paint marker.
I did not want it centered, so I made it go off the edges of the surface just a bit.....
I put a thin layer of gesso onto my red rubber palette and used it to "ink" my stamp.
Then, I stamped the face into the circle. Like this:
It's not perfect and that's okay. Layering washes of paint will surely help!
I simply painted with washy gesso....
and I kept doing that. More thin layers of gesso and then some touches of paint on the eyes and lips... (I used a teeny tiny bit of watercolors but acrylics or practically anything will work) making it look like this:
I let this all dry a while and then I used my white gesso and red rubber palette again to stamp my ink splat stamp (I like this stamp a LOT and often use it as a 'starry sky')
See? Lika dis...
After that is all stamped across the background and all my paint is dry (which didn't take long because it's all nice thin layers.) I then went back in with some colored pencils and add a bit more depth and value and highlights.....
Like so:
Then I stamped this Love you to the Moon & Back 
stamp right here...
I like a good sentiment with my art. Don't you? 
I liked my piece but it didn't feel quite finished...So I found a 41/4" x 41/4 " wood block and a piece of decorative paper that I thought looked dandy.... 
I mounted the paper to the wood block using my favorite white glue, painted the sides and back of the wood block with black gesso then I took my Inchie Art Square artwork and mounted that baby right onto my collaged, wood block and 

Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to peruse and comment.
I want to say thanks to Lisa Lee over at Inchie Arts for launching this great new product with us!
And of course all the fantabulous artists that help make RubberMoon awesome! 
love YOU all to the moon & back!

It was a super fun week launching the new 4" Black Art Squares! I hope you got a lot of inspiration and we filled your pretty little head with lots of ideas!! 


OOOOH a GIVEAWAY!!! Please visit ALL 6 days, Come back here and tell me that you did and comment about a favorite stamp or technique you will be entered to win a stamp from EVERY participating artist PLUS a pack of the New Black 4" Inchie Art Squares!! 


  1. Love this size! Looks so fun to play with. I never thought about stamping with gesso, so cool and a must try! Love this, thanks for inspiring! Loved each day of this release, so happy to have found it. The gesso stamping is the play I must try first....and then all the rest too:)
    Thanks so much!~kim

  2. I love all the different approaches! The gesso wash for the moon is my favorite!

  3. I wouldn't have thought to use this stamp like you did. Very helpful. I so love the black inchies. It was a great demo.

  4. Melanie, looking good as the Girl in the Moon. A wonderful sample,lots of helpful technique. The new black 4" squares are clearly a must-have product. good partnership with Rubbermoon. xo

  5. Marylinn said it all so well, so i will say...DITTO

  6. Marylinn said it all so well, so i will say...DITTO

  7. Kae Pea!! This is incredible! I love the black squares so much. They really do enhance the artwork, especially with the gesso technique. Thank you for sharing your cool process :)

    I've visited each day and have LOVED everyone's creations! If I had to choose one favorite stamp, it would be the "I Love You to the Moon and Back" stamp...although I do like them all!

  8. Love the beautiful stamp you used to create your moon! Love it stamped on the black Art Squares... looks awesome!
    I have visited all 6 days and can't wait to try out some techniques! I am anxious to stamp with gesso on the black Art Squares!

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  10. I have enjoyed all of these posts. Love the black and will try it out. Each project was so inspiring. I love how you did this with the gesso too.

  11. "WOW, that is gorgeous, what a beautiful creation"

  12. I can't pick a favorite, I loved all of them, although I am partial to moons.

  13. Awesome stuff. I am gonna have to do this one. Love it. Thank you.

  14. Awesome product - already put in an order for some to try!

  15. I love the entire series; I've done most of these techniques before, but never on black inchies--they look like a must-have! (Sigh, save my pennies!)
    I am in love with the waving Mermaid and the jumping fish; creatures we need here in landlocked Oklahoma! but I also love the face on your Moon and loving someone to the moon and back. Super duper tutorials! Thanks!

  16. What an AMAZING blog hop! Wow!
    Loved all the projects on the hop!
    I really want to try the technique Kae Pea shared with putting a thin layer of gesso onto the red rubber palette and used it to "ink" a stamp to get a white image onto an Inchie black art square!
    Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  17. How do I not have that Awesome stamp??? Or any black Inchies yet??? I'll have to fix that asap! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. It's been fun to see all the great artwork possibilites with these cool squares!

  18. I'm so grateful to see a technique for working with a black background. this is lovely and the mounting on the wood block was the perfect finishing touch! now I must visit all the days! xo

  19. Visited all six wonderfully inspiring days. Suddenly fond of the pennant stamp, as presented by Barb Rogers. For me, the "technique" I liked the best was simply the fact that the artwork was done on black. I really hadn't given any thought before to coloring or painting on black and oh my, how vivid the colors are! love, love, love it... :-)

  20. I have looked at all 6 posts. I am really liking the black squares and really want to try the painting with gesso technique. I like the filmy coverage...very celestial.

  21. Visited all 6 posts, love the black background with the inchies and the black and white with colored highlights. jessica's hamsa is a favorite as well as the moon face. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful work.

  22. Yep, visited all 6. I love how you turned that face into a moon... thx for showing how! Also loved the doodling in the paisley drops... I love to tangle, but haven't done white on black yet, but the Prismacolor pencils on black are... WOW!! Thanks to all for all the inspiration.

  23. I think I love one idea from the 6 days the most then you go and do something like this! I love this. I like the touch of blue at the top of the moon and the ocean blue eyes! I understand the melanie stamp now. I've added it to my Wish List for next time.

    1. Maggy Everett YOU are the WINNER of the Giveaway!!
      Whooo HOOO!

  24. This is darling, of course. I'll need some restock soon of some of my small stamps. I'll add some Inchie arts to that!

  25. Absolutely been loving the 6 days - I'm in love with the Ink Splatter stamp - but the art wrap-around box technique is my hand down fave!

  26. For some reason, this is the first one I've seen and I love it. Great job