Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 4 with Sunny Carvalho

Celebrate our new product launch….with Inchie Arts

As you know, we carry several different sizes of the popular Inchie Arts Art Square products. And when they decided to launch their new 4” black Art Squares they invited us to announce and sell it first. 

In fact, it was one of our artists (thank you Sunny!) that nudged Inchie Arts to introduce this particular size and color.  To celebrate, we invited a handful of our designers and artists to let creativity fly with the new 4” black Art Squares. 

Every day from now through Saturday we will be posting amazing creations from Lisa Lee, Barb Rogers, Lindsay Ostrom, Sunny Carvalho, Jessica Sporn and Kristen Powers.

And on the Inchie Arts blog, ALL IN AN INCH, Lisa will be sharing lots of techniques and tips for all sizes of black Art Squares from 1" to 4".  

A few things you may not know about black Art Squares:

·        they are made from 100% cotton (not paper)
·        they are a super black with the 'black' sourced from natural ebony

·       they are a perfect 4 ply substrate for direct art application especially acrylic paints, white and metallic detail pens, colored pencils, Pan Pastels, stamping and embossing with white or light colors, chalk board style work and photo creations.  

Day 3 with Sunny Carvalho-It's a Paint Party on the Square!

Made with one of my newest stamp images from RubberMoon, "Mermee Waves"  I stamped the image  using a white Staz On stamp pad. I then used torn pages from an old book and collaged them along the bottom of my 4" Black Art Square to create 'waves'. I drew in my jumping fish and big rock using a white paint marker. Next, I used Golden Fluid Acrylic paints to paint my images and background. I used my white paint marker again to add in the stars and dots and lines around the collage bit in the top upper corner. I Love working on the black surface as it helps to make the colors pop and gives the illusion of such glowing color.

Below I wanted to share a painting I created using the New 4" Black Art Squares. I began with Titian Buff acrylic paint to create my underpainting. From there I layered many washes and colors of paint. You can see in the progress pics the many layers it takes to get the depth and values! I had so much fun painting on these new Inchie Art Squares and I know you will too!
create an underpainting using a light color
begin to add color and block in other areas and shapes
continue to layer your paints
more color and value, begin adding more detail
final washes of color and detail to make it pop!


Hope you enjoy working with my RubberMoon Stamps and Inchie Arts new black Art Squares as much as I do!

For more of my art and creations please visit my Etsy Shop!
Thank you,
Sunny C.


  1. Your process with paints creates such stunning vivid images.These are really highlighted by the black and resilient substrate that is Inchie Arts,LLC, matboard. I am continually in awe of your art. So happy you are part of the Rubbermoon family. Can't wait to meet you at the Moon and the Maker Studio at the end of March.

  2. Yayyy! We love these so much! Thank you for sharing your awesome art with us!

  3. These are amazing little works of art... love them on the black Art Squares! Such beautiful colors and details on each of these pieces!

  4. Thank you!! I was so pleased to be a part of the launch of this wonderful product. I can't wait to be at The Moon and the Maker next month!!

  5. These just make me smile. Those fish are too cute.

  6. Just gorgeous and such beautiful painting! I am so in love with this size, so compact and really brings you in close. I have to try the paper layer waves! So fun. Thanks for sharing!~kim

  7. Thank you for all your tips. It helps us so much. Your drawing just pop on the black.

  8. Wonderful and thank you for the tips on layering paint. Your mermaid stamp is divinely fun. Everything looks great on the new black inchies.

  9. Thank you for the great tips, Sunny! I just enjoy watching your painting develop into something that keeps a smile on my face. Very fun reading your post!

  10. magical! I'm in happy awe! xo

  11. I love how Mermee is reaching for the stars-something we all need to do! Thank you for helping us be better!