Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 3 with Lindsay Ostrom-Doodler Extraodinaire!

Celebrate our new product launch….with Inchie Arts

As you know, we carry several different sizes of the popular Inchie Arts Art Square products. And when they decided to launch their new 4” black Art Squares they invited us to announce and sell it first. 

In fact, it was one of our artists (you know who you are SC!) that nudged Inchie Arts to introduce this particular size and color.  To celebrate, we invited a handful of our designers and artists to let creativity fly with the new 4” black Art Squares. 

Every day from now through Saturday we will be posting amazing creations from Lisa Lee, Barb Rogers, Lindsay Ostrom, Sunny Carvalho, Jessica Sporn and Kristen Powers.

And on the Inchie Arts blog, ALL IN AN INCH, Lisa will be sharing lots of techniques and tips for all sizes of black Art Squares from 1" to 4".  

A few things you may not know about black Art Squares:

·        they are made from 100% cotton (not paper)
·        they are a super black with the 'black' sourced from natural ebony

·       they are a perfect 4 ply substrate for direct art application especially acrylic paints, white and metallic detail pens, colored pencils, Pan Pastels, stamping and embossing with white or light colors, chalk board style work and photo creations.  

Day 3 with Lindsay Ostrom!

Hi there! My name is Lindsay Ostrom and I am a designer of 
stamp art for RubberMoon Art Stamps. I have been designing for over 
30 years now. Man, i'm old.
I love drawing and doodling and do it every day. 
Stamping, well... that is something I don't do too often.
Like I said... I draw the pictures for the stamps you love to
use from RubberMoon. But it has been a challenge and an honor 
to create these mini masterpieces from Lisa's Inchie Arts black
squares and KaePea's Rubbermoon stamps.

Basically, I stamped the image ( for this one I used the Dogwood
stamp and the little polka dotted heart ) and then I used 
some clear embossing powder so that I had a nice raised edge
to color inside. The rest of what you see is my doodling, lettering and 
coloring with Prismacolor pencils.
I do alot of craft fairs and I love to make and sell signs out of 
wood. I chose to do the same with these lovely little 4x4 
black squares. I used a crop-o-dile to punch holes in the board 
and then used rusty wire and beads to make a little hanger.

I used my most favorite and expensive tool, the trusty
paperclip, to twirl the wire and keep the beads from sliding and 
rolling around. I use all kinds of fun glass beads on the hanger.

these Inchie Arts black squares are light weight
enough that they will go through the mail as a sweet little 
gift with not too much postage.

And the Prismacolor pencils as so soft and blendable...
they were a fabulous match for these black art squares.
I love the scribbly look... it's kind of my signature doodle.
For this piece with the stamped heart tree, I used a SIGNO white pen
which is AMAZING on the black squares. 
Love , love , love!!!

My next favorite pen to doodle on these black babies
is the Kuretake ZIG Painty Twin pen. You get two colors, gold and 
silver. This is the gold pen here for the Happy Trails
sign. The Little Miss Sunshine stamp was stamped in white
with white embossing powder and then given her
 stripes and color with Prismacolors.
Did you know that gold is the new black?
I LOVE them together!!!

Here is Little Miss Sunshine (happy camper) stamp in the dark of the night. Parked on 
some hill in the middle of a star filled night. Stamped in white 
and embossed with clear embossing powder again. Tons of white ink from
the SIGNO pen and lots of lovely colors from all my 
fabulous PRISMACOLOR pencils. All that pretty glitter on the moon
is the Wink Of Stella clear glitter pen... one of my new fav's .
After I finished all the little beauties, I sealed them with a 
UV spray sealer just to keep the pencil from smearing around. It also
tends to enhance the color in the pencils. I love to use it.

Thanks to Lisa from Inchie Arts
 and Kristen from RubberMoon for this fun project. If 
you wanna see how I used these with some on the spot doodling...
and I have a little give away going on featuring 
these super cute little stamped signs.

Until we meet again!!!!


  1. I love every single one. The colors are so vibrant against the black. I'm sold, I must have these Inchie Arts squares! :-)

  2. Love that you used colored pencils as they arey primary go to for color. Love your work.

  3. These are so sweet, Lindsay! Love the fun designs, and the hangers embellished with beads!

  4. What FUN & FESTIVE works of A R T!!!
    The Colors just P O P !!!!
    TFS!!! <3

  5. O.K. The colors in day 3, Lindsy are stunning. The Prisma pencils you chose are perfect for black. My fav. is the tree design. Love the art you create. We can see your spirit shine.

  6. Lindsay, you know how we feel about your work! Love it all! Thank you for being a part of the RubberMoon line up and for being here with us this week! You rocked those black squares AND the stamping too ;)

  7. These mini sign are adorable! So brilliant. So much talent and so gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing. I love the pencils and the texture, really must give it a go!~kim

  8. So darn cute. Love the trailer ones. What a great gift these would be for a traveler's trailer. I love to see all your details. Thanks

  9. Your lettering inspires, always. Thank you for lots of new-to-me pen information and wonderful use of the 4" black inchie boards. Don't you love Prismacolor pencils on black? xo

  10. Gorgeous lettering! Lol, Lindsay, you're not "old"...you're just well-seasoned in what you do ;) Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. Every one of your signs has been crafted with such whimsical joy and personality! Beautiful way to show off the Art Squares!

  11. I'm blown away by the beauty color and magic in these little masterpieces. great idea to make the little hangers. xo

  12. I'm blown away by the beauty color and magic in these little masterpieces. great idea to make the little hangers. xo

  13. A sign-how clever!!! I love the black squares and the beads added on. I need to try this. Tonight! :-)