Saturday, December 6, 2014


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas or if you don't celebrate, enjoy this lovely tree scene and festive winter snowman down below.

I have used it before and still continue to love my Ultimate Red Rubber Palette (small for these projects) so it is fitting I end my year with it the center point of my project.  These two cards are done completely in dye ink (reinkers) and permanent ink (StazOn) and India Ink/Dip Pen.  Nothing fancy at all. I began by drizzling Oregano dye ink (Ranger) in a center line on the palette. I then put my pointer finger in water and pressed it into the ink to spread and lighten it for a background coat.  I pressed a 3 x 5" piece of glossy cardstock onto the palette and pulled it slowly up.  

I repeated the same steps again with Chartreuse green ink to have some color variations but did not use water so this would be a very vibrant color.  Before pressing the paper into the green ink, I decided to add some Raisin ink to my pointer finger and pressed some small dots along the green. 

It doesn't look like much yet except a textural line of mooshed ink, but as the details are added, it will morph into a composition for a card.  Bear with me.  I found a tree stamp I just love any time of year
and added it just right of center near the top of the foliage.  I took a teensy piece of cosmetic sponge and carefully colored it with the chartreuse ink (a slow pouncing motion) and then decided that the star needed to be gold.  I added a bit of StazOn Metallic gold to the star with the top end of a paintbrush.  I was satisfied with the tree, but now had to find a spot for the "joy" stamp that seems to go well with the mood I am setting.    

There, I found it. 

My design was starting to take shape, but I wanted to add more contrasting black so I took out my Higgins India Ink and dip pen and drew and fanciful line in the foliage.  

I framed the scene unevenly with a thick black Sharpie before mounting it on green and burgundy and cardstock. 

Five black beads finished it off.

I was on a roll with backgrounds so I used one made the same way but using several drops of water to create thinner, lighter areas. I found "top hat" snowman and added it into right of center so that his head and the stars would be in the white space. I went nuts with the dip pen again and added some activity beneath him and then had to personalize it by penning a word.  

He needed some I added some clear Stickles to the stars and buttons. 
I mounted it on iridescent Bazill with a little strip of black glossy beneath it to add some pizzazz.  NOTE:  My camera angle on this beauty shot makes the card appear off, but in real life it is plumb so use your imagination.  

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL................. For more RubberMoon, head here.  For more me, head here and friend or like me on facebook.


  1. Oooh I hope I'm on your nice list!! These are wonderful and inspiring me to get out my Red Rubber Palette!! Thank you!!

  2. Love your cards and the dip pen is just fab!

  3. Amazing, Nancy, how you make beautiful and complex art with your pointy finger and a bottle of it!

  4. These are fantastic! I love a project with simple techniques with great textual effects. Great idea to use a dip pen for the fancy line. (I really like how varied the line thickness can be with dip pens. Great job, Nancy!

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