Monday, December 15, 2014

RubberMoon has me in Stitches!

By Colleen Bodvig

I've stamped my heart out making Greeting Cards for the Holidays, so I thought it was time to wash the ink from my hands and take a break... that is, after I stamped these two RubberMoon images (Star Wreath and 3 Hanging Ornaments) on fabric, using a StazOn ink pad.



A few simple, satin stitches later...  and Voila!

Don't be afraid to take your ink pad and stamps to new places.  

Be Merry!

Happy Holidays from Colleen!


  1. OMG this is wonderful! Thank you for such delightful inspiration!

  2. Excellent embroidery! Excellent idea! Colleen, are those french knots inside of the green ornament?

  3. neat idea! always fun to do something DIFFERENT.