Monday, December 29, 2014

Given to Whimsy

I could go on and on about what attracts me to RubberMoon's stamps. 
I could tell you how awed I am by the quality of the product, the variety, the artistry, etc. 
But if I had to sum it up in one word? 
That word would be whimsical.

I love RubberMoon's stamps because they are whimsical. 
Which means they play right into my flights of fancy 
and my inability to take art seriously.

So, when I saw the catfish and the "Holy catfish!" sentiment stamps,
I had to have them. Had to.

For this card, I began with one of my favorite background techniques.
This one is so easy and so much fun!

Begin by smooshing (that's a technical term, right?) various ink pads 
on a non-stick craft sheet.

Spritz the inked sheet with water and swirl the colors around.

You can use an old chopstick for this, 
but I like to get messy, so I just use my finger.

Then just gently place a piece of glossy paper on to it.
Lift it up, and ta-dah!

The bonus is that there's usually enough left over smooshy stuff
on the mat to do another background, 
and it'll be completely different from the first.

Next, I stamped the catfish in green on the background.
I wanted to make the head and tail different from the body, 
so I stamped that in brown on a separate piece of paper.
I cut the head and tail of the brown catfish and set it aside.

I added some glitter to the green catfish's fins and
 colored in the eyes and whiskers on the brown catfish head.

The background seemed a little bare to me, 
so I sponged on some blue ink to give it a little more oomph 
(another technical term).

I added some fishy friends for my catfish 
using a Stencil Girl stencil, a sponge and brown ink.

After that, I added some seaweed using RubberMoon's Large Fern stamp
as well as the "Holy Catfish!" sentiment.

The only thing left to do was to assemble the piece.
I used some double stick spacing tape for the brown catfish head and tail 
to make them stand out from the page a little bit.

I glued the piece to some matching green cardstock,
then glued that to my card base.

Now I can send it on its way and fill a friend's day with whimsy!

For more of a glimpse into my whimsical world, please stop by my blog at:
In the Studio With Barb

Happy New Year!


  1. Love this. It all worked so well together. Whimsy never gets old.

  2. So Cool..but then so are YOU! LOVE It!

  3. Ahhh we are fond of whimsy too!! And especially when paired with talent and humor of an artist like you! Thank you for, yet another, great share!!

  4. Barb, you're projects are always so freakin' cool! I completely missed the fish stamp...but am excited to see how it could be used! Great job!