Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter Wonderland Triptych: RubberMoon stamps and Imagine Crafts Cross Promotion

 IMAGINE Crafts and RubberMoon Art Stamps are excited to share with you the amazing projects that our design teams have created to kick off the Holiday Season! Over the next few days, we'll be sharing with you inspiration and techniques using IMAGINE Crafts' line of ink products¬†featuring rubber stamps from¬†RubberMoon. Be sure to visit the IMAGINE Crafts and RubberMoon blogs daily for more projects and ideas!

I was very excited to create a piece for this Imagine Craft-RubberMoon blog share.  I am a long-time fan and user of Tsukineko inks and mediums, but are so many new options that I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to do.  I decided to try using their sheet metal in ATC size to create a stand-alone holiday triptych that I can use year after year. I chose the StazOn inks in Ganache, Emerald City, and Gothic Purple to colorize the scene and enhanced it all with clear Goosebumps and irRESISTible Texture Sprays in white and green.

I began the project by prepping the metal with a quick-drying product named GlazeOn.  This is a wondrous new project that works in two ways.  First, it acts as a ground to help the inks adhere better to the metal. Second, it allows you to layer the solvent-based StazOn inks so that you can create in layers. Pure genius.  I let the GlazeOn air dry for ten minutes and then squeezed some white StazOn reinker onto the metal and spread and textured it with a cosmetic sponge.  I repeated the process on the other side and let dry.  My project was now ready for the composition.

I added the ground with Ganache using a pouncing motion and a cosmetic sponge.  When dry, I added some opaque white StazOn reinker for snow.  I continued the scene by stamping RubberMoon's 5 Snowy Trees, added small and larger stars that were part of the RubberMoon Mail Club in black StazOn, and used a cosmetic sponge to lightly color the trees for a base coat.  Looking to add interest to the trees, I added some dots to the trees with the end of a paintbrush using the Gothic Purple StazOn.


I sealed that layer with GlazeOn.  Once dry, I used the inksplat stamp to add some texture to the sky area and then split up the sentiment and applied with black StazOn. 

Again, I sealed the layer and then set about using the irRESISTible green ink to darken and shade the trees.  This added more depth and interest to the composition. You can see the color difference in the first picture below.  To add more visual and tactile texture, I sprayed white irRESISTible ink and then finished with clear Goosebumps spray and let them dry. 


When dry,  I used a ruler to mark, used a 1/16" hole punch, and then added the jump rings.

Here is the triptych laid out (front).  The different textures really stand out, even in the photo.  The back looked empty with just the white background on top of the metal, so I reproduced the ground and then used my favorite StencilGirl stencil, Layered Salad,  by Terri Stegmiller.  I used the irRESISTible green on a cosmetic sponge first to support the color scheme on the front.  I then repositioned it and used black StazOn to finish.  I finished with a spray of irRESISTible white for that snowy look.  

I love the textural look of this project and enjoyed working with these new products from Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts, and, of course, it is always wonderful working with RubberMoon stamps. Thanks for joining me in my winter wonderland. As always, you can find more of my work on my site or on Facebook at Nancy Curry Art.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  1. What a Wonderful Post to start of the Cross Promotion. We can always count on your projects to be Creative with "your look" that we love. Great Job!

  2. I LOVE your use of Metal for the Triptych!

  3. That looks fabulous and love the snowy effects!

  4. What a fab idea! Love the fact that it can be used in future years too.

  5. What a way to kick off the cross promo! Thank you for so much thought and inspiration!!

  6. Hey! That's super creative and I love the use of medias! Guess I'd better add some of these products to my "gotta have" list!

  7. Gorgeous and I love all the products you used!! Wish list growing! LOL TFS!