Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Computer Has No Soul

by Colleen Bodvig

In this world of instant gratification... of selfies, IMs and tweets that we can send out to the world in a matter of seconds... Snail Mail seems to have lost favor. However, I still believe that good things come to those who wait. I would rather let the U.S. Postal Service do its job, even if I must wait, and walk out to my mailbox each day in eager anticipation of possibly being able to hold in my hand a delightfully crafted card, because, face it: 
the Computer Has No Soul... 
but I can see yours in a heartfelt, handmade card.

My basic supplies were a black gatefold card, Gears texture sheet from Gina's Designs, a 2x2 inchie arts Art Square and two squares of silver metallic paper.

Gina's Designs says of its texture sheets to: Ink it, paint it, use it as a stencil... but I got to thinking, why not emboss with it? 
And it worked!

I attached the embossed silver square 
with black brads to the left side of the gatefold card.

On the second unembossed silver square, 
I wrote "Letters Mingle Souls" repeatedly.

I positioned the silver square above upside down in the center of the inside of my card and applied double-sided tape to the right side of the back of the card and closed to seal.

Next I stamped "The Computer Has No Soul" by RubberMoon to the left side of the silver square.

I first stamped the Gears stamp by RubberMoon onto the inchie arts Art Square using Imagine Crafts Delicata Ink in Silver, but then decided I didn't have enough contrast for the front of my card, so I then stamped the same image on a black square and affixed it over the old image on the Art Square. 
(Waste not, want not!)

I then attached the Art Square to the front of the card.

Lastly, I attached a sheet of white paper to the center inside of my card for a letter-writing surface.

I hope you will take some time to send a handwritten note in a handmade card to someone you know!


  1. This is a very cool Card Colleen...great job!

  2. Great card and love the sentiment behind it!

  3. This is such a creative and classy card. Love the textures and simple black and white palette! Thank you so much for a great tutorial!

  4. Oh, man, is this cool! I've been crazy for those die cut gears!!!

  5. Beautiful card - and true sentiment! :)

  6. There is a perfect way to make someone's day that lives to be on their computer or phone all the time. This will be something that they will realte to with the gears and timepiece embossing, but will remind them of the charm of the handwritten word.

  7. such gorgeousness! truly worth awaiting the mail carrier! xo