Monday, November 17, 2014

Reindeer Moon Child of the Universe Postcard

Sometimes you just have to run with whimsy.

Yes, a moon child can have antlers.  She can be whatever she chooses to be.  And in this case, she is reindeer moon child with cool witchy shoes.

She started out as a Bingo card with an added layer of torn, vintage paper.  Red Lead Paperworks provided the background star stencil for for this occasion.  I inked red and olive green stars to the card and outlined most of them with a gold Sharpie pen.

The little dress is a layered affair using a scrap of red toile, red lace, and two layers of white mesh material from Linnie Blooms.  An eyelet strategically placed under the layer of vintage paper adheres the four layers together, as does the button in the middle of the dress.  German scrap wings and crown were also attached.  The shoes were borrowed from Third Coast.   They're a bit large, but a reindeer moon child really doesn't mind.

Mystical messages abound:  "Cosmic offerings" and "From one MOON GODDESS to another."  Note the use of Rock Candy Clear Distress Stickles on moon face and edged along watercolor crayon-painted antlers. 

The final touch?  Little green sparkles.  Chasing whimsy, I tell ya.

Images from Rubbermoon:
Cosmic Offerings, Moon Goddess, Kae Pea - New Moon, Antlers

Sunday Postcard Art:  Shoes

Red Lead Paperworks:  Christmas Stencil/Stars All Around


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Did I say LOVE?! :)

  2. Chasing Whimsy! Yes always! :) thank you for sharing the gift of your imagination!

  3. This raindeer girl rocks. The ourfit is always contingent upon the shoes. This outfit is brilliant. as for her face and choice of antlers...What better combination than Luna face and another well drawn piece by Kae Pea, antlers? She is cute, cute, cute.