Monday, November 3, 2014

Autumn Love Story


"falling leaves hide the path so quietly"
                                               ~John Bailey


Fall is my favorite season by far.  I'm not too hot or cold and (big bonus) there is an endless array of colors around you as the season matures. There's also a bevy of quotes about fall or fall poetry as illustrated above. And, the pictures online.... In other words, a lot of fodder for artists.  I realized something new during my musings in the studio. Fall is not only my favorite season, but I've fallen madly in love with it.  So this piece isn't just an ode to Fall, it's a love story of sorts. The love story is best represented by the leaves, their color, their gentle trajectory as they travel to the ground,  and the resulting mélange that continues to change daily as newer ones join in and older ones lose their remaining color. 

I am fascinated with the leaves and their layers and as they change states, from bright colors to  translucency and eventually dull and tattered.  I set out an assortment of Golden Fluid Acrylics and Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks which would create an autumn-colored background as well as some RubberMoon stamps, plastic wrap, a bit of decorated paper, water spray bottle, and three 2" x 2"  tiles found at big box DIY stores.

What's not pictured here is the mélange stamp that is one of mine, a 4" x 8" black canvas board, black StazOn, and a wide, black Sharpie.  Mea culpa.....I added a few things as I went along.  You always have to stay fluid in your art.  Remember that.

They key to this piece is layers so I decided to print the bottom layer using the acrylics and the top layer using the alcohol inks.  There was a method to my madness.  I love the mix of different opacities.  The acrylics will dry much more opaque and duller, while the alcohol inks will be fairly transparent and have a sheen.  The picture on the left below shows you how much acrylic you actually need (on a piece of plastic wrap but a non-stick craft sheet would work as well.)  VERY LITTLE.  The middle picture below shows you what the paint looks like with one squirt of water and a little smooshing to spread it on the plastic wrap.  The picture on the far right is how much coverage you want with your colors.  Reserve a lot of white for later. 


 I repeated this process with two other colors (drying in between) and called this part done. 

The second part of this background uses alcohol inks in exactly the same way.  I put one drop of ink on the plastic wrap and one drop of clear blender.  The same smooshing goes on but at a faster pace.  These dry fast!  I then dipped the tile as seen below. 

The white of the tile is now tinted a pale green.

Once dry, I began to add stamping using the acrylic paint.  I did three partial leaves per tile in brown and then offset the same image with copper metallic. Yes, the layers continue.

When all the paint was dry, I added black Sharpie to frame the tiles and then blackened the white sides.  I love the finish edging brings.  Finally, I stamped one RubberMoon word stamp on each tile with black StazOn.

Since it is a love story piece, I chose some unusual words to describe my feelings:  xoxo, pitter patter, and be mine.  I know what you're thinking.  Just go with it.  I also used the inksplat stamp.  It's in my top ten of often-used stamps.  You don't really notice it, but it adds so much more to a background. 

Before mounting onto the canvas board, I cut out decorative paper to act as a mat.  I ended up mounting the three tiles nearer the top than the bottom because I had the mélange stamp that really summed the whole piece up. I was able to pull that copper color outside of the tiles by using the same paint on my stamp.  (HINT:  I always lightly stamp onto a scrap first when using paint.  It takes the excess off so you get a cleaner image.)

Thanks so much for reading my love story.  I am happy that it reappears each year so I can relive it over again and again.  Join me on Facebook at  Nancy Curry Art or on my website for more art!


  1. Love the use of the tiles to tell your story

  2. This is so cool!! LOVE the layering! LOVE the colors. This piece truly does represent your love story. You are so talented!! Every year I hope your talent rubs off on me a little! Hugs!
    Lisa Hunt

  3. Nancy, these are absolutely gorgeous! What inspiration you have given us. Thank you.

  4. I love using Tiles for Art projects....wonderful post Nancy.