Monday, October 13, 2014

Witchy Woman

by Colleen Bodvig

I'm a little surprised that my inspiration for this month's project is this creepy, little spider from RubberMoon (ge2888 - spidey) - particularly since I HATE spiders!  But there you go:  One never knows when the inspiration bug will bite you!

My spider needed a home on which to reside (and multiply), so I assembled some bits and pieces which I hoped would become an art doll assemblage.

Hot glue gun in hand, I went to work! I don't think there is any reason a Witch has to be unattractive, do you?  Borrowing the face from RubberMoon's New Moon stamp, she looks more angelic than witch-like: I "creeped" her up a bit with lots and lots of spiders (stamped on vellum):

But I couldn't stop there.  She needed a canvas to stand against, so I created a makeshift shadowbox from this vintage find:

...and I ended up with this:

Below are a few closeups of the details.  For the spider web (Victorian Greetings), I decided to make use of the "halo" left over from punching the face out of the RubberMoon New Moon stamp:

For the fall scenery, I used two RubberMoon pumpkin stamps (long, tall pumpkin and pumpkin vine).  Both were stamped on a heavyweight vellum and colored with Copic markers. Since the ink from the alcohol markers stayed on the surface (did not bleed), I ended up with a pretty and slightly glossy effect as I worked the layers of color.

One paper hat and a train of fibers later, her outfit is complete:

Enjoy your Halloween... but beware the spiders!


  1. This is SO creative and Fun Colleen! Wonderful Ideas!!

  2. I especially love how you made the pumpkin patch!

  3. So imaginative it's scary! Love how you took so many different bits and turned it into something so cool.

  4. So creative! I love this project, great job!

  5. Love it. Especially the 'book' that surrounds and holds the scene. Nicely done Colleen.

  6. This is great, Colleen - I really like the spiders in her skirt! :)