Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trick-or-Treat !!


So, it's the beginning of October and I am fully decorated in my house, but the problem is that we'll be at Gettysburg for Parent's Weekend on Halloween.  So basically I'm "all dressed up" with nowhere to go.  Well,  now you know I have no kids at home and won't be hosting anything.  And if you put two and two together, you'll know that I"m not even buying candy. I did, however, put together this invitation for one of you to use.  It's a little something special to remember the season.

(This is the invitation when it is closed)

I put together an assortment of stamps, papers, canvas and media. As you can see, the stamps aren't all necessarily "Halloween" themed. The great thing about RubberMoon stamps is that many can have dual purposes. You just have to use a little imagination at times. Challenge yourself in that way.  It's fun.

I had a small striped bag that somehow seemed Halloweenish to me so I cut the front down the center and then also cut the end off so it would have a center opening. I then used the paper as a template and cut a piece of coated poster board to fit. A bone folder and ruler were used to create fold lines and then the posterboard was affixed with Scor-Tape. 




My stamping began with the keyplate stamp and Ranger Archival black ink on a scrap of poster board. I really only wanted two parts so I cut those out and set aside.

Although I originally envisioned this project as black and white, I've learned to stay fluid in my studio.  Hence, the introduction of orange, lime, and purple Golden Fluid acrylics as my Halloween palette. I began by finding a scrap of poster board and rubbing on some of all three colors with different parts of a cosmetic sponge.

I used the same three colors as well as bronze on the back 4" x 4" canvas. Just be sure to get the paint off your stamps before you go onto other steps. I chose the checker ribbon and zen garden stamps to add some interest in the background. I made sure to use all three colors because your composition gets stronger as you relate the parts to the whole. Plus, I just liked having some colored buds.

Inside of the invitation was a breeze. I stamped happy pumpkins in black Archival ink but any dark black pad would work. I then broke up the background a little by lightly stamping the inksplat stamp repeatedly. To add the color inside, I cut the piece of orange poster board prepared earlier and then wrote the times on it with a Pitt pen. I affixed the frame to the colored background with a glue stick and the new sign was ready to add to the card with Scor-Tape. I added some of the three colors to the perimeter of the frame with a toothpick, and then stamped the sentiment, moonlight & shadows & magic on another prepared piece of poster board. When dry, I affixed that last splash of color with tape again.

Pleased with the inside, I began working on the invitation portion. I found and stamped a manila tag with the fool-on-a-stick stamp, added color and a blingy star. I outlined the edge in black and hand lettered the wording. A piece of black fiber was added. I love jesters for some reason, but hate clowns. There is no consistency in my mind.

My attention turned back to the front of the door.  It seemed dull so.............  Nothing says Halloween more to me than glitter or bling so I need not say more about the front doors.  (Notice the keyplate use on the right.)


A final tie with an irregular black fiber and it's ready for someone special. Enjoy all the craziness of the month. Check in with RubberMoon throughout the month on Tuesdays and Fridays. The team has a wonderful month planned.

As always, you can find me at Nancy Curry Art or if you have more time to wander, at my website.  Happy Halloween!!!


  1. OH Gosh Nancy...I wish you WERE having a party so I could get one of these cool Invitations! I Just LOVE it!!

  2. Wow!! What a TREAT! So clever and fun ! Thank you Nancy!!

  3. I'm a witch most of the year so you could invite us to a party another time!..This is so much fun, Nancy, and a great challenge to look at stamps with an open mind's eye.

  4. What a wonderful array of stamps that can be used! I especially love your deconstruction of the keyplate stamp.

  5. Oh, I love every little bit of this! Great tutorial! I love how you used to completely unrelated stamps to make the fence. I just added a couple of these stamps to my RM wishlist!

  6. I love this! I'd come to your party in a heartbeat!

  7. Wonderful invitation! Love how you used all of the stamps.