Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Three Horses in a Corner" Acrylic painting by Teresa Cox Kolar of Sweet Mare Studio

Hello Fellow Creative Ones! :-D
 This is Teresa Cox Kolar of Sweet Mare Studio 
and I am truly pleased and honored to 
return to the RubberMoon blog as a guest artist.
My last post was in February. It is exciting to be back for a visit! 
Today I will show you how to create the painting below 
"Three Horses In A Corner."

"There Horses In A Corner"
Acrylic painting

1.Your Painting Surface

 You will need a 12x12 inch artist panel, 3/4" deep 
or any other size you might prefer.
This panel is made by Ampersand and is wonderful
 to work on as it is a hard surface, perfect for stenciling. 
I also enjoy the texture as it so closely resembles real canvas. 
Cloth-like texture on a super sturdy surface-perfect!

2. Your Under Painting

For this step you will need the following acrylic paints and one brush:
Burnt Sienna
Manganese Blue Hue
Naples Yellow Hue
Wide, flat, scrubby, inexpensive paint brush
The brands I use are Golden and Liquitex. 
Other brands should work just fine too.

3. The Final Details

Various handmade stencils. I have drawn
 and cut out  my own stencils in the 
shapes of a horse, bird, oval.
Feel free to create any designs that you prefer.
For my stencils I used a manila folder. For the smaller white circles
I used the RubberMoon Organic Circle Stamp #TK6F. For the triangle designs I used the stencil shown. I found it at Michael's Art Store.
Paint colors for these final detail were Burnt Sienna, Gray, Blue Gray, White and Cobalt Turquoise.

"Three Horses In A Corner"

Many thanks for taking a look at my tutorial. I hoped you enjoyed it.
Happy painting and creating!!
Please feel free to visit my Etsy page where you will 
find more of my work. 
All the very best,


  1. This is so Wonderful Teresa! I love your work and Thank you so much for Guest Blogging!! xoxoxo

  2. This is so gorgeous, I absolutely love it! Your work is very inspiring! xx

  3. I love the underpainting as well as the horse stencils. Great tutorial!

  4. Great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

  5. Love your work! Very nice to have you visit us here at RubberMoon Arts! Thank you so much :)

  6. oooh!!! love the texture and colors !!! bravo Miss Teresa!!!! xoxo