Monday, September 22, 2014

Universe DreamCatchers

Hello everyone! Martice here from the Uneek Art blog. This is my first post with RubberMoon, as one of the Creative Dream Team members and I want to say 'thank you' for joining us here today.

I think we call all agree that our Universe is truly magnificent, right? Funny thing is, the more I learn about our world, the more I learn about myself and my purpose in life, and to have more faith. You should never feel embarrassed or hesitant to

Speak dreams out loud; decree it's YOURS! Set a positive energy
 form in motion to work for you. (Tweet this!)

Today, I bring you Universe DreamCatchers

Universe DreamCatchers by artist Martice Smith II

These are the supplies and tools I used:

RubberMoon stamps: Large Fern & RubberMoon Alphabet Set (rm-2594)

Cardboard from food packaging OR 140 lb. Cold press watercolor paper -- for the circle templates

Gelli prints

Phone book paper -- for the stars and feathers

Your choice of paints

NoteI used these paints --
DecoArt Americana Acrylic paints: Bahama Blue & Razzle Berry
DecoArt Americana Neons Fluorescent Acrylics: Torrid Orange & Fiery Red
DecoArt Gloss Enamels: Dioxazine Purple
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Phthalo Blue & Quinacridone Gold
DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin: School Bus
Premier tempera paint, White

Gel Medium (or Mod Podge®)


Embroidery floss, choose 3 different colors

Let's Begin!!

STEP 1: Create Round Template

Glue gelli print to the circle OR paint a galaxy onto the cardboard.

Set aside to dry, then cut out template.

With circle RIGHT SIDE UP, use an awl (or sharp, piercing tool), to carefully poke one hole in the top and 3 holes, equally spaced apart, at the bottom.

STEP 1: Create round template for Universe DreamCatchers

STEP 2: Create Stars

Using phone book pages, paint randomly onto the surface. Scribble positive words, wishes and thoughts into the wet paint.

Set aside to dry.

STEP 2: Create stars for Universe DreamCatcher; painted pages

Draw a star on a scrap piece of transparency. I cut the star out and used it as a guide for the next step.

Universe DreamCatchers: create star from transparency
With this method, you can instantly see which parts you'll like best for your Universe DreamCatchers! I just love simple, little tricks like this one!

Now, the fun part! Take your dry, painted pages from previous step and use the transparency star as a viewfinder - look for interesting sections to cut out.

Trace around the star in 6 or 8 different places. Cut out each star.

Paint the back side of each star in a light colored paint. (I painted mine Bahama Blue)

Set aside to dry.

Universe DreamCatchers: cut out stars

Universe DreamCatchers: cut out stars

Universe DreamCatchers: pile of stars and feathers
Such a pretty pile of painted stars and feathers!

STEP 3: Make the Feathers

From the same painted pages, draw elongated oval shapes in random places. These will be our feathers.

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers

On the reserve side of the feathers:

Create a mixture of black and white to make a light gray. On one side of the feather, paint it a darker shade of gray.

Paint the other half white. Blend colors for a more realistic look.

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers

Using embroidery floss, let's create a vein down the center of each feather, following these steps:

a.) With a paintbrush, apply gel medium to the center, along the length of the feather,

b.) Lay down the string of embroidery floss. Apply another coat of gel medium - directly on top of the embroidery floss,

c.) Fold along the floss.

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers
d.) To make a prominent crease, use the handle end of your paintbrush to gently rub along the floss. 
(Do both sides this way.)

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers
e.) Gently open up the feather. Stop right before the floss is exposed. Turn the feather right side up and press the center to one side (left or right), with your finger.

STEP 3: Universe DreamCatchers: Make the Feathers
   f.) Use scissors to cut slits at an angle. Stop your cut just before reaching the center.

STEP 4: Stamp Image & Letters

Large Fern and RubberMoon Alphabet stamps

STEP 4: Stamp image & letters on stars
I used the Large Fern stamp (in Phthalo Blue) for the back of the stars and added fluorescent Torrid Orange dots with a paintbrush.

STEP 4: Stamp image & letters on stars
I used RubberMoon Alphabet Set (rm-2594) for the sentiments "Listen", "Recall", "Dream", and   "Wish" on the front of the stars.

STEP 5: Assemble the Universe DreamCatchers!

Retrieve your circle template. String the feathers (attached to the embroidery floss) through one hole at a time. Tie a knot at top of each hole. Vary the lengths of each strand.

Tip: For more visual interest, try using a different colored floss for each hole. Don't forget to embellish with your favorite charms!

STEP 5: Assemble the Universe DreamCatcher; embellish
Gold flakes, Metal wing charm (from Metal Gallery), Decorative button (from Prima Marketing, Inc., and silver archival ink.)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

"There wouldn't be a sky full of stars 

if we were all meant to wish on the same one."

~ Frances Clark

Until next time,
Keep those wishes and dreams BIG!


  1. This is incredible!! Thank you Martice!!

    1. You're very welcome, and thank you, as well!

  2. This is a very cool project. I see why you were picked for the creative team!

    1. Hi J-Lin! What a great compliment! I appreciate that. I know that I'm in great company, here. This bunch keeps me on my toes, lol!

  3. This is wonderful Martice! So creative and unique!

  4. Oh, I adore this project! :) VERY sweet!

    1. Me too, Kersten, lol! I think this would make an adorable mobile for a kid's room, too.

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    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

  6. Gorgeous display of Color! Your "galaxy" is beautiful!

    1. Painting the galaxy was my fave part! I love how all the cool colors blend and complements the orange embroidery floss. Thank you, Colleen!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous work!! I am so inspired by your work!

    1. What a great compliment! I appreciate you, Angeldreamcrafts, for saying that. Be sure to stay in touch with us for more exciting projects...I promise you'll stay impressed :)

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    1. Raine! I'm so glad to see your shining face here! Thanks for checking it out.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial, Barb! Thank you!

  10. Loved this tutorial, and thanks for your advice regarding ink sprays!