Monday, September 29, 2014

Stamping on Fabric

Hello again! Barb here - posting two weeks in a row!

Our weather here in the Pacific NW finally and decidedly turned to Autumn in the past couple of days. Watching the leaves fly off the trees and blow past the windows got me thinking about Halloween. RubberMoon's Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Stamp was just begging me to do something with it.

I decided to take a little departure from my "normal" techniques and stamp on fabric. I began by cutting an approximately 3.75 x 3.5" piece from a length of off-white muslin that I happen to have in my fabric stash.

The piece doesn't have to be perfectly cut. In fact, it's more interesting if it isn't. After I cut it, I pulled some of the outside threads for a frayed look.

Then I stamped on it, using StazOn Jet Black ink. I use StazOn on fabric because it won't bleed like many water-based inks will.

To color it in, I went with my Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. I could have used markers, but they tend to bleed a little, plus the fabric is hard on the markers.

Once it was colored in, I wanted to give a little extra homespun feel, so I decided to do a rough stitch around the edge of the image. A really, really rough stitch! For this I used some orange DMC Craft Thread that I'd had around for-just-about-ever.

(I'm not a hoarder; I'm a Keeper of Very Useful Stuff!)

No need to tie knots. In fact, I recommend against it. When the piece is glued, the glue holds the stitching in place. Plus, if I'd added a knot, it would have left a bump in the finished product.

Finally, to tie everything together and finish the piece, I added a quick, mini tag. It was a pre-cut tag that I have a bunch of and gave it some swipes of color and the "trick or treat" sentiment with the same Derwent pencils that I used on the fabric piece.

I glued the piece to some purple cardstock onto which I'd stamped just a few stars using the star stamp from RubberMoon's Dust Collection set and Brilliance ink in Pearlescent Olive.

Naturally, I couldn't resist adding a little sparkle, so I dabbed some yellow Stickles on the eyes and mouth.

Now that I've done this card, I'm tempted to stitch together a few goodie bags to give some treatable friends next month. There's no end to creative possibilities once you start stamping on fabric!

Thanks for reading my post!


  1. I love this time of year and love your creation! Thank you so much for stepping in at the last minute!

  2. This is quick and easy. Makes me want to go get some sewing done....and I'm not particularly much into sewing. Great job!

  3. I, too, am a keeper of very useful things! I happen to have all the useful stuff to create this super fun project! Yay! I am so inspired to give it a go. Now I jus need a bit of time...:)
    Thank you for a super post!

  4. I love stamping on fabric! The pumpkin stamp is cute with the addition of your stitching. Great project - thank you, Barb!