Thursday, September 25, 2014

Foodie Fun!

Hi there! Barb here again with a quick, easy gift idea project.

For some reason I get a little obsessed with coasters at this time of year. Maybe it's looking forward to those warming beverages during the long, cooler months.

A friend of mine was throwing a "Drinks n' Hors d'Oeuvres" party to celebrate the beginning of Autumn, so I thought I'd get out my blank coasters and make a fun little gift to take to her. I ended up making a dozen of these in less than an hour. Way less! It took longer for the final sealer coat to dry than it did to make all of them.

I began with a blank 3.5" square coaster. You can find these in just about any size if you search them online. Or, if you have a kitchen supply type store in your area, they usually carry them.

My friend loves to cook (we call it "getting chef-y"), so I thought RubberMoon's chef stamp would be perfect.

To begin my project, I simply stamped the chef image onto the coaster using StazOn Jet Black ink.

Next, I colored him in. Since the coasters are an off-white, I painted in his chef whites using white acrylic paint. I happen to have Amsterdam Acrylic on hand, but any white acrylic would do. I colored in his scarf and hair with sharpies.

Then I gave him a little bling by coloring in the platter with a silver metallic pen and dabbing copper Liquid Pearls on for his buttons.

I wanted the chef to stand out a little more, plus I wanted to add some background interest. So, I stamped the chef onto a piece of scrap paper and cut it out to use as a mask.

I put the mask over the image on the coaster. I set it on there loosely without bothering to tack it down in any way. I then used some turquoise colored glimmery spray that I made myself and gave the piece a few spritzes until I was happy with the amount of coverage.

I noticed that his platter was empty and decided that just wouldn't do. Being a bit of a story teller, I asked myself, "Well, what is he serving?" I answered myself with the sarcastic answer I used to give when asked what was for dinner, "Food."  Aha! I got out my RubberMoon "Food For Thought" stamp.

I only wanted to use the word "Food" from the stamp, so I masked the rest of the stamp off with scotch tape. If you've never done this before, it's simple. Mask the part you don't want inked with the tape. Then tap the stamp in ink. Remove the tape strip, and, ta-dah! You can now stamp a clean image using just part of the stamp.

That's how I arrived at my friend's doorstep with a dozen chefs each carrying a platter of food.

For a tutorial on how to make your own Glimmer Spray, please stop by my blog at In The Studio With Barb: All That Glimmers. Thanks!


  1. I LOVE your Style and Your Writing Makes me Happy Barb! Wonderful JOB!! This Chef stamp is Great!

  2. Replies
    1. I don't know, Barb... I got cocktails and delicious food out of the bargain. I think I was the lucky one!

  3. Great post and fantastic project!

  4. So fun, your friend is going to love this!

  5. Love your project, your wit and your style! Thank you for the great shares here and on your blog!!

    1. Thank YOU... so love being part of this creative team!

  6. Such a simple project that anyone can do.. and any host would LOVE... including me! Want to come to my house for a party, Barb?

  7. Wonderful project for a house warming gift! Thanks for sharing!

  8. great idea!
    what kind of sealant did you use?