Thursday, August 21, 2014

Magical Moonlight

Magical Moonlight 2014

I am just back from Stampaway and one thought that went around in my head was that I need to make use of my older supplies and somehow make them new again.  I went around my studio choosing RubberMoon stamps and then saw this wonderful Inchie Arts black ATC size mat board rectangle just begging to be used.  Then my mind skipped to the drawer full of Tsukeneko Opalite pads. A primer for those who don't know......They are interference pads (that show on dark surfaces) and are still in existence.  I got a few out and surveyed my stamps for the project.  Clearly I was going to do a night scene.  That's all I knew as I began. 

Masking is a great technique to use on your surface or even on a stamp as you'll see below.  I began by masking the outside perimeter with low tack painter's tape because I already decided a border would be fun.  I then stamped the star spiral using the silver frost Opalite pad.  I knew I wanted a series of "mod" flowers near the bottom.  But I only wanted to use part of the stamp, so I partially inked the catch a falling star stamp,  and then taped the areas where I had overinked and didn't want it.


I also used Opalite colors Glacier Blue, Golden Mist, and Crystal Blush to stamp star spiral and spiraling to represent the flowers themselves along with the masked "catch a falling star stamp".  

I used my favorite gel pen to add gold stems/leaves to the flowers and detail in other places.  Once a phrase was chosen,  I applied the same masking concept to the phrase I wanted to use.  It wouldn't fit spatially so I had to break it up.

The tape is so easy to use and remove. 

VoilĂ .... the center is done!


  1. This is A wonderful post Nancy and I love how u demonstrated the "masking technique" . Great JOB!!!

  2. Wonderful ATC! I'll have to check out these pads. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the ATC, Nancy! I mask a lot and have been using "paper tape," but I have had it so long, I have no idea where to find it again... Thrilled to know that Painter's Tape works equally well! Super tip!

  4. love the sparkles on a dark surface!!! thanks Nancy!!!! :)

  5. Gorgeous ATC Nancy! I love how you masked the stamps, I had not thought of doing that, so thank you for that inspiration, it will extend the use of a stamp in many new creative ways! hugs :) Kim

  6. Yes, make new again what is old. I need to do just this before adding to the pile(s). I didn't pick up many art supplies this summer, but your piece reminded me that I did pick up some new gel pen sets. I'm hoping to play with those a bit on dark card stock. Your piece is really inspiring to me. :)

  7. Gorgeous project and fabulous use of Tsukineko Opalite!

  8. I love Opalite on black. This is really beautiful!