Thursday, August 14, 2014

Go Postal !!

I received my RubberMoon MoonMail Club package a while back, and one of the extra treats included was mini, perforated Postage Paper from 100 Proof Press. I quickly went through those sheets but, fortunately, I had more on hand. Of course, I had to dust off the package!  Shame on me for missing so much fun when I had the material all along, and a BIG Thank You to Sara Vukson (100 Proof Press) and Kristen Powers (RubberMoon) for the collaboration on last month's MoonMail Club package and helping to get my creative juices flowing again with faux post.   :-)

In the stamp below, the "Postage Due" border stamp is from 100 Proof Press and the oak leaf collage stamp is from RubberMoon.

In the RubberMoon envelope below, I used another postage border stamp from 100 Proof Press and "Bird Fence" from RubberMoon.

Below: "Cow jumped over the moon" and "Moon Mail" by RubberMoon. As a side note, the envelope below was a business reply envelope that I covered with a page from a magazine... Waste not, want not!

I am in LOVE with this stamp by RubberMoon: Nesting Bird:

Nothing complicated... just fun stamping ideas, but you will find a few tools will come in handy: I find a stamp positioner is a must when stamping in these tiny frames. 

You will want to mask off the areas you don't want to stamp on if you are working on the postage stamps individually (as shown above), but if you plan to use the full sheet for your image or if you plan to color the background, you will want to also use the coordinating 100 Proof Press template to mask the postage stamp's border edge.

Go Postal...  it's fun!


  1. I love Postal Stamps and I LOVE your creations Colleen! Great work!!

  2. What great ideas of combining these wonderful stamps! They look great!

  3. These are so cute!! Love this idea! Tfs :)

  4. These are wonderful ideas, Colleen! I like the perforated postage paper and how you recycled a magazine image on your card. Great job!

  5. These are great, Colleen. I have always loved mail art - it's always such a sweet surprise to receive cool envelopes! Nice work!

  6. Really cool! Love the Pea Post! Well love it all!

  7. I especially love the one with the oak leaf!

  8. Love em all. I have scads of postoid paper I need to get back out.