Monday, August 25, 2014

A Poetic Postcard

Hi. It's me, Kae Pea, posting from RubberMoon Studio!
I made a new little hummingbird stamp and so I just had to play a little bit. :)
It's no secret, I love watercolors and just went on a bit of a spree at Daniel Smith art supply on my recent trip to Seattle. Daniel Smith is known for their watercolor paints and so that is what I splurged on!
This project is simple yet satisfying if you are craving some creative time but don't have a lot of time to spare. 
To make this postcard art you will need just a few supplies. 
Here are the stamps and supplies I used:
Of course you may substitute different stamps but we highly recommend RubberMoon Art Stamps ;)
Little Hummer KP5188F
Gretchen's Fuschia GE5035K
"Poetic" by Nancy Curry
2 sheets of 140 lb. Watercolor Paper*
*1. 3 x 5 piece
  1. 4 x 6 piece
Permanent black inkpad
PVA Glue
Watercolor paints & brush
Jar of fresh water

Stamp your images on your smaller sheet of watercolor paper using your black permanent ink...
Begin painting in your images using a round watercolor brush (I used a # 8)
and a fair amount of clear, fresh water. I used a mixture of blues and greens and a touch of Opera Pink watercolor for my humming bird.
I painted the fucshia flowers with Opera Rose and Leaf Green and then I painted the entire background with clear water. Washing your paper with water before you paint, helps the pigment to flow and give it a loose, washy effect that makes watercolor so delightful!

After I 'washed' my entire background with a fair amount of water, I added Manganese Blue and let it really be wet and flowing. I also added a couple of light touches of the Opera Rose Hue and a bit of Hansa Yellow. I painted wet into wet and let some of the colors 'blossom'. I like the radiant and organic effect this gives.

After my watercolor was dry, I added PVA glue to the back and mounted it on to the larger 4 x 6 sheet of watercolor paper and TA DA! Pure Poetry! Now I have a lovely postcard to send or to frame.

Hope YOU get to be creative today!

Sending Moonbeams,



  1. It's beautiful! I love using stamps and watercolors also.

  2. Nice piece, Kristen! Love the concept!

  3. sparkling little gem!!! so pretty!!! xoxo

  4. I love this! The watercolor effect is beautiful!!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm going to have to check out the Daniel Smith watercolors. You achieved some major watercolor intensity here. Love it.

  6. LOVE the new stamp... and such a perfect "canvas" ready for us to add our own special touch via watercolor, acrylic paint, copic markers, or colored pencil!!!

  7. Those colors are delicious! Now I'm going to have to get my hands on that hummingbird stamp... :-)

  8. Kristen, its just beautiful. I love the little hummer, and the fuchsia is really nice. The beauty of the colors and the warmness that Little Hummer brings to my hear really is "poetic". Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  9. Beautiful postcard project, Kristen! Stamps + watercolors = sweet perfection :) I love the intensity from the Daniel Smith watercolors. I'm gonna check them out, as soon as I can!