Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stamping and Copics over Modeling Paste

Happy 4th of July to all of you in the USA!  And happy Friday to all of you!

I am here today with a new tutorial using a unique combination of products and a beautiful RubberMoon stamp.

Here are the supplies I gathered to start:
  • Light Modeling Paste
  • A paper plate and craft stick
  • Copic Various Ink E13
  • Memento Ink in Rich Cocoa
  • Conch Shell stamp by Jane Cather
  • A sheet of 12 x 12 light blue cardstock

Step #1 - Scoop out a large dollop of modeling paste onto your paper plate and then drip 6-8 drop of Copic Various Ink E13 right on top of the paste.

Step #2 - Mix the ink into the modeling paste.  Because the paste is white it will lighten the color considerably so take that into consideration when choosing which ink and how much to add.

Step #3 - Using the edge of the craft stick spread the modeling paste across your cardstock in the area where you want it.

Step #4 - Next is sitting and waiting!  You have to let the paste dry completely before you move on.  Once it is dry, stamp the conch shell directly onto the paste as many times as you wish.

For my coloring I am going to add Copic E0000, E11, E13 and E15.  I am adding white highlights with a Sharpie paint pen.  (I am embarrassed to say that my Copic opaque white has dried up and I have not replaced it, but this worked great for this particular project.)

Step #5 - I knew working on top of the modeling paste would not allow me to do much if any blending with my Copics so I started with the darkest color my E15 and added feathering onto the shadowed edge.

Step #6 - Next is the mid-tone and I added E13 for this area.  I worked fairly quickly and with such a small area was able to do multiple shells at the same time.  You can see that the blending is happening without much effort from me, I am just overlapping them slightly.

Step #7 - Add E11 next for the next lightest areas on the shells.

Step #8 - I finished with E000 to really soften the edge of the E11 to the edge of the image.

Step #9 - Go right over the top of Copics with a white Sharpie paint pen, in the area of the shells that might hold a brighter highlight.

Step #10 - Use your E11 or E13 to actually smooth out the white highlight and blend it into the curve of the shell.  I LOVE Copics and this is where they are magic, the alcohol even works on this water based medium to help incorporate the mediums all together.

***Special note, when you decide to layer multiple mediums like this coloring with Copic markers on top of other mediums you will pick up some of those mediums on the tips or nibs of your markers.  Make sure to keep a scratch paper handy an dust scrub them off as your go.  If they dry on your marker nibs you might have to replace a nib which is easy to do, but why, if you keep on top of it you will not have to.

I used my sea shells as a base for a scrapbook page that I completed.  They are the perfect addition to my beachy page.

Happy stamping and crafting!  If you would like to see more of my RubberMoon and Copic creations stop by my blog to take a peek!