Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Runs With Scissors

RubberMoon is thrilled to have Guest Artist Lori Franklin sharing her talents with us today! 
Take a look at her creative and funny collage work!

Hi!  I'm Lori Franklin with a scrappy little RubberMoon collage tutorial!

I love old advertisements - so many of them make me laugh.  From bunions to girdles, there are all kind of creative remedies for whatever ails you.
One of my vintage magazines had a scissors ad that read:
                             "Do Your Children Ruin Your Scissors?"

 I swear, every time I saw it,  I thought it read:

                             "Do Your Children Run With Scissors?"

 (I bet you read it that way too!)

 Of course, my kids NEVER ran with scissors, no siree. (wink)
 Anyway, since it just cracks me up I decided to make a collage of it!

 Here's what I used:

                  4x4 canvas
                  aqua + raw umber acrylic paint
                  vintage book pages - 2
                  kraft colored paper napkins
                  scrapbook paper in aqua/tan print
                  home printer
                  scraps of gold mylar
                  vintage advertisement/words
                  illustration of scissors
                  mod podge or gel medium
                  Tim Holtz Distress Ink - walnut + burlap
                  black & white crayons
                  and I used the following RubberMoon stamps -

                        ge2639 many flowers background

                        kp5106 positive/negative circles


Here's what I did:

1.  Base coat canvas in aqua.

2.  Roughly tear vintage book page and adhere with gel medium.


3. Use floral stamp and walnut distress ink on surface of aqua/tan print scrapbook paper.  (I used part of one of my Sparkly Heart Studio greeting cards).
4. Use home printer to enlarge stamped floral image 150 percent.

5. Glue enlarged floral image to center of canvas.

6.  Place and glue vintage words onto floral piece.

* If you don't have a vintage 'message', trim words from magazines or stamp your own. 


copied & enlarged stamp

7. Use floral stamp and distress ink on kraft napkins then cut into strips and/or large scallops for trim.

8. Use circle stamp to create a line of dots then cut in half vertically for smaller scallops.

*You can use any kraft colored paper for this part I just happened to have a few restaurant napkins laying around.

stamped napkin

circle stamped

cut circles in half

9. Use floral stamp on vintage book page.

this is great for bits of trimming

10. Cut and glue stamped pieces as desired around edges.

11. Add scribbles with black & white crayons.

12. Add shiny bits - I used leftover gold mylar from a Mother's Day balloon.  Sometimes I use foil candy wrappers, whenever I have chocolate. Which is all the time!

13. Paint sides of canvas raw umber for a finished look.

DONE !!!!

It would be perfect in a sewing room, if I had one. And if I could sew.



  1. Wonderful as always Lori! We miss you here...thank you for sharing yourself:)

  2. I am crazy about old Advertisements too! Surprise!!

    1. oh, why am I NOT surprised? !!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. You are so funny and talented!! Love the way you used the stamps. very creative. Do you run with stamps?? ;)