Monday, July 28, 2014

RubberMoon FLOWER POT Watercolor Fun!

This Summer I have had SO much fun being part of an online class named Flower Power, taught by such a talented and generous teacher, Kristen Powers. Using some of the techniques I learned in class,  I created this blog project.  

In this particular painting, instead of drawing out my own Flower Pot,  I wanted to do something different. There is a RubberMoon Stamp Named...Four Flower Pots, that I really LOVE.  In the piece above, I used this single stamp TWICE  in order to have a row of colorful painted bouquet of flowers.

Close up Photo of  Finished Mixed Media Painting

To Create this project, I used the above materials. Watercolor Paper, Watercolor Paints, Acrylic Paints, White Gesso and the Four Flower Pots Stamp.

I didn't want to use the Full Stamp twice on the painting for Composition purposes, so I used the "Masking" technique with a "post- it" note to partially cover some of the stamp. 

 This is the result of "Masking"  the Stamp.

The following Photos are of the Painting process learned in the Flower Power Online Class found over at the The Moon & the Maker by Kae Pea.

Moving along...using Watercolor Paints & Gesso  for the Background and Base, Acrylics and Watercolors for the Flowers and Pots.

Adding Gesso to the background and base gives the painting a softer look.

Adding more Color to the corners and scribbles on the background with the paint brush end gives the painting more depth and interest.

Before taking Kristen's online class, I would not attempt painting flowers. Now I have so much fun with it, and I have learned that I can still paint fun and whimsical flowers without losing my own Artistic Style. I hope you have enjoyed this post, because I sure enjoyed painting it!!

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