Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Night

Are you afraid of the dark? Were you afraid when you were a child? Is your child afraid?

I have to admit I was a child who was afraid of the dark and became a nervous adult in the night. I've learned there is nothing but beauty in the night. 

"Don't feed the fears" I'd say to myself when I would cross my dark yard in the night, from the shed to the house. The solar lights are ( and let's be honest ) they are a complete waste of cash that light up nothing.

   "There is nothing to be afraid of...just don't trip"...  I sat inside my screened porch with soothing candle light listening to the crickets, tree frogs, and bats. Watching the lighting bugs light up, seeing the moths on the screen being pulled to the flame of the citronella candles.  The moon was half and the stars started to light up the darkest part of the urban landscape. The evening sky was washed with navy blue, purple and the washed out orange from the city lights a few blocks over.
The mice rustled in the ivy just outside the screen, I could imagine the birds nestling in and the owls coming out.  "Was this what I've been fearing?"

This was the beauty of night and I was missing it because of the monsters I made up in my head as a child, who as an adult transformed into a crazy person around the corner ready to strike me!

Really? one and nothing was there.  

Using Mindy Lacefeild stamp and Sunny Carvalho   I made a very simple stamp and watercolor journal page to represent the little girl in me saying hello to the night.  I used Pitt Pen Big Brush the fill in the stamps.

Happy Creating!


  1. Great post. I was never afraid of the night, although I had plenty of reasons to be. My brothers would hide things under my bed to scare me, I lived in a very violent neighborhood and gun fights in the night were common, the family dynamics was pretty alcoholic and crazy for two educated people with six kids, but night time was my refuge. I would go to bed and pretend I had a trap door in mt closet that led to the most magical world. All sorts of animals, streams, woods and valleys, with huge broccoli and cauliflower trees created the most interesting world. I had little elf friends down there and it was very safe. Your post reminded me of that long ago memory.

  2. This is positively charming and yes, I was a child who was afraid of the night, sleeping with a small night light.
    If this had been propped on my bedside table I am sure I never would have been that same child, timid of the night.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely words friends.

  4. Love a post that brings back memories and conversation! Thank you for sharing some of my favorite stamps and a fun journal page!