Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Embroidery Squares

In the Fall, I created a grid with embroidery squares for a fabric album.
This time I wanted to make one of everyday "loves" to display year round on my wall. 
After completing a few squares, I had a GREAT idea. 
I took a few of my favorite RubberMoon stamps:
3) eggs & barkin (I completely adore that stamp's name)
4) here
Tested out the stamp on paper.  
Then stamped in a lighter ink onto the fabric. 
On the darker lined sections, I had to use a darker ink for it to show up. 
And then I took fun colored thread and stitched away...adding in my own elements where I saw fit.


I LOVE the results and it's a way to display the stamps I love in a new way. 
Swing by RubberMoon and grab a few of your favorites to create dimensional art. 

To view more of my art and the previous Fall grid I completed, go to my blog origin~aLi~ty.
Thanks for joining my ARTSY adventures.
Ali Gitt